1st Email from MTC 07/24/12

Okay, so I will be sure to make this my big email with the most updates!
But Bula Vinaka! Sa va ka cava tiko? (Hello/good life! How are you?) Ha ha, I bet no one that reads this is going to pronounce that completely right unless they know Fijian! I was pretty amazed at the pronunciation of some of the letters! It’s a bit different but I’m starting to get the hang of it! This language is pretty intense and I know I’m going to need loads of help from prayers and from the Lord. But things seem to be going pretty good in terms of learning.
One of my teachers here described the MTC as drinking from a fire-hydrant . He was not kidding. It has been extremely overwhelming. To be completely honest, this has been the hardest and most trying week of my life! So much has happened that I couldn’t hope to write it all down in an email. But I have kept my journal and it does pretty good at describing it all. Basically, I came in sprinting, but a bit too fast. Beyond my capability! I even had a counselor tell me that I needed to relax and take more breaks. I have been so wound up and nervous that So far I haven’t even been able to get a full night’s sleep! I lay in bed for up to an hour before falling asleep and then I wake up throughout the night! I also haven’t had much of an appetite yet either!  There is plenty of food and a lot of variety, but I’ve had to force myself to eat.
Thankfully, I have an incredible branch presidency and had some really good zone leaders. President Connors, Chirstophersen, and Lamatoi (I think that is his name) have been such a help and motivation. The support here is incredible. Elder Alaalatoa and his brother Elder Alaalatoa were my zone leaders this first week and they have been an incredible support too. Sadly, they just left yesterday to serve in their separate Austrailia Missions!
I have felt a lot of love and support from them and my Branch Presidency, and Pres. Soni. Were it not for them, I don’t think I would have made it one week!
But don’t get discouraged! I am finally hitting the upside! I’m still a bit wound and nervous, but I am starting to relax more and ease in.  A lot of burden has been lifted off of me. Pres. Christophersen said that you can’t be here and not be worthy. It’s true. You can’t. Everything big or small in my life that may have posed as a worthiness issue that I may have been aware of or not has all been brought to the front of my mind and as I repent and work, It is being forgiven and lifted. I love the Lord and the Atonement of Christ.  Anyway, That was a really long note on me..
I had a pretty cool devotional on Sunday where Bro. Allen of the 70 spoke and we all sang “Come Come ye Saints” with the Mormon Tab. Choir. It was incredible because as we hit the last two verses, in unison, everyone in the MTC stood and sang full hearted. It was a much-needed spiritual boost. Incredible.
Happy Pioneers Day!

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