1st Letter to Family from MTC 07/20/12

Dear Family!

Bula Vinaka! Sa Va Ka cava tiko? (Hello! How are you?)  That’s about all I know after my first class!  Not gonna lie, this language is gonna be dredre (hard)!

Normally, we wouldn’t write until Tuesday which is my p-day, but for this first day since some won’t get a p-day for over a week, they told us to write home just a short note to say we are alive!

Well, I am alive!  Survived the first day!  To be completely honest, it stunk!  We were thrown into language class immediately!  So much was thrown on us in one short time.  After language class we did some investigator workshops.  Those were more entertaining and easy to follow!  Once we finished orientation, it has been a bit more relaxed and easier to adjust to.

My stomach is relaxing a bit more now.

My companion is a native from New Zealand but raised in Samoa!  He’s a BIG guy.  He is a major sports guy, and weights trainer.  He is incredibly friendly however, and treats everyone like a close friend.  I’ll be learning the Haka from him!  That’s all for now until my first email!  Moce!

Elder Hancock

ps I forgot my tennis shoes!  Please send 🙂


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