31 July 2012 Email from MTC

I’m taking advantage of the gym time we have! Most people leave the MTC with a few extra pounds because we are fed so well here! Not to mention I’ll be fed well in Fiji probably! So my goal is to only gain weight if it is muscel weight and take off the rest of that deli weight! Also trying to get more cardio in!
I have been relaxing and settling in a lot better! Sleep has still been rough, but last night I actually slept through the night! My appetite has also come back! My sore through finally went away completely, but I am still having some sinus issues. All getting better though! I definitly have had a great support system! Both here has been great and from home! I’ve definitly felt everyones prayers. Also, the Provo temple openned back up so we got to go through this morning! It was really refreshing! One of my teachers was in the same session with his wife! So it was pretty cool to meet her! My teachers here are pretty great. One sounds native!
We have been teaching our teachers as investigators in Fijian and it is hard! Granted it has only been two weeks, but I feel like I know what to say and how I could teach but just can’t explain my thoughts in the language yet! Just a bit of a barrier to overcome!
That is one thing I feel like I am missing out on a bit is world news. I heard that Romney was interviewed about the Colorado shootings (which I also heard about from people here) and he quoted the Book of Mormon! I think it is pretty awesome! And I completely spaced that the Olympics was going on right now!
The MTC is definitely a super crazy training center! Thank goodness we have the Spirit of the Lord on our side to assist us though!
It’s an intense language! That’s all for now! I love you mom! Happy Birthday! And to whoever else reads this, Au lomani kemuni! Moce!

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