14 August 2012 Email from MTC

Haha, it really is hard to be able to say everything in emails and even letters too! So much happens that I just don’t even remember to write stuff! But I’m trying!
So a basic run down of my schedule is as follows:
Wake up 6:30 every morning (I’ve done pretty darn good!), get ready and then study until 7:30 is breakfast, then from breakfast to class for 3 hours, then personal study and lunch at 12:15, and then the rest of the day consists of gym time, language study, another 3 hour class, TALL (a computer language program), dinner, then planning and bed time. We have a devotional every sunday and Tuesday evening. Sundays after devotional they play church movies until bedtime. Tuesday is p-day with temple, laundry, and writing time. Every saturday morning we have to wake up at 5:45 to do service/cleaning in one of the buildings here. That sums it all up just about!
It’s true though! The Samoans and the Tongans have an advantage. The language structure is the same. But I seem to be keeping up pretty well!
It is crazy how fast time is passing. The days seem really long, but I’ll go to bed sunday night and wake up friday morning!  I leave 5 weeks from today! Ah! I wish I could send some pics! But they don’t allow us to here in the MTC. So I need to wait until I’m in Fiji to be able to show the MTC pics.
It’s been pretty nice not being the new kid! The first two days everyone says Welcome Elder! Because you wear the orange spot! But every week there are new kids and I get to say it to them all the time! Tomorrow we have a bunch more coming into our building. My district says that I do a Scottish accent better than an american accent! So I’m going to try and convince all the new kids this week that I’m from Scotland! We’ll see how it goes 😛
Sadly, there has been a lot of drama in the two Fijian districts the last while. There have been a lot of health issues. From root canals to injuries to even a sister having a mild heart attack, there have been struggles. Also, I guess there was some contention between the sisters in my district and the other. Bad enough that my teachers noticed it and last night they all had a group meeting together. After lots of tears, it looks like things have been sorted out. As for the Elders, we are all getting along great luckily! My companion is a great guy, but there have been struggles there too. He is really laid back in the rules. He even calls them all guidelines ment to be mended. Not too obedient. Along with his body building and rugby history, he has a bit of an ego too. He loves New Zealand and Samoa only and thinks everything else is just messed up. If it is American, there is something to complain about. It’s also really hard to keep him focused for just a couple min of companion study, planning, or lesson prep. Also, he can’t admit it when I am right about something that he is obviously wrong about. I’m sure there is something about me that bothers him. We are completely different people minus our music interests. Overall we get along well though! I still love him! But it is a bit tough. I really do love my district though!
Overall, it is crazy how much has happened in the few weeks personally. I’ve changed quite a bit. I’ve been humbled and blessed so much. I’m focusing a lot on my Book of Mormon studies. In the last two weeks I’ve gone from Jacob to Alma 36. I can’t seem to get enough! I love it! I’ve learned how to become dependant on the Lord through it all. It really is a tough place to be, but the Lord has to do a lot of work in getting us ready in such a short time! I love it! He has taught me a lot about myself and my weaknesses, my faults, and He has helped me to correct them, and He has given me a lot strength! I really feel like my few weeks here have been life changing and incredible. All the hard stuff was soooo worth enduring through. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I know I am suppose to be here and they couldn’t make me go home!
Also, I’m currently in the MTC with the Elder who played young Joseph Smith in the Praise to the Man movie! But he is keeping quiet about it. He doesn’t want anyone to know.
Anyway, I am a bit over on time, so I need to get off now, but au lomani iko kei keitou! Moce!

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