21 August 2012 Email from MTC

Bula Vinaka! It has been an intense schedule that is for sure! But it’s all been good! The peace has settled back in between the districts I think! Still struggling with the companion. He just seem so unfocused and distracted at time. He emails almost daily and can’t seem to remove himself from home. I just haven’t really noticed the right focus in him yet. I keep commenting on how he breaks the rules a lot every time he does, but it seems to go in one ear and out the other. So I just continue studying and there isn’t much more I can do. I’m just trying to keep obedient myself!
Anyway, other updates from here, On sunday I read the entire Book of Helaman and am now almost half way through 3 Nephi. Every personal study chance I get I just dive in! I’ll probably be able to cover a lot today as well! Today our district is fasting for a sister in our district who has been extremely homesick and has so far received no letters or packages from anyone back home. She has been having a rough time. But because we are fasting that adds a lot of extra time to the P-day! Also, my companion has had a really bad stuffed up nose and so he got it checked at the health clinic. Turn out he has some nasal obstruction from a previous concussion in rugby and so today we are going to the hospital for a specialist to look at it. He may need some surgery to remove the tissue! Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens, plus weird to leave the MTC campus and go out in the world again!
Language is still coming! Rough and slow, but coming! Turns out there is a word in Fijian (kina) that is unlike anything in the english language, but apparently there is something like it in other island languages. So one of my teachers who is studying comparative linguistics discovered the similar word in Samoan and suddenly everyone in our class except for me and Elder Cloud know how to use that word and we just have to figure it out on our own! Confusing, but luckily, there are the hard and easy parts to Fijian.
Here is a little bit of a pronunciation guide for Fijian:
a = ah as in August
e = eh as in elephant
i = ee as in keep
o = oh as in open
u = oo as in boo
c = th as in the
g = ng as in anger (the g coming softly from the back of the throat)
q = ng with a much harsher G sound. Tough to explain in an email.
b = mb
d = nd
and r’s are rolled!
So Moce is then pronounced as mothe
That’s all I have for now, still no General Authority speakers, but I still have a couple more weeks! Moce! Au Lomani kemuni!

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