28 August 2012 Email from MTC

Bula Vinaka!
Yikes! Yeah I hope grandma Terry isn’t stuck in pain too long, whether she recovers quickly or moves on. That is sad to hear. I’ll keep her in my prayers.
Nick is in the field now too! And from what I hear, he already has a baptism commitment on his 3rd visit! He’s in a really poor area and says everyone is really humble. Also, I am randomly in the same residence as one of the marines from Nick’s platoon!
That half ironman sounds like way more than I could handle! That must have been fun to watch! Go Mick! Glad to hear Zach is doing good! Just missed him by a Month!
Over all it has been a pretty great week! Lots of improvement in teaching ability! Still struggling to understand Fijian when spoken to, but I can do pretty well teaching a lesson! But I sure look forward to when I’m fluent!
A couple of weeks ago the MTC put out a box of thousands of ties just up for grabs! So I got about 6 new ties! I’ll probably send a few back just because I don’t think they are ties that could take the Fijian climate! Also, the mission videos we watch a lot and the ones that Michael used in the Preach my Gospel class called District 2, one of the missionaries in it is now a teacher here at the MTC and I’ve seen him around a couple of times. I don’t remember if I mentioned this already or not, but Brian Carey also works here in tech and so I see him around quite a bit!
I have a new favorite quote from a General Authority.  “Me want cookie!!!” ~Elder Bednar
Anyway, that’s about all I have time for!
Moce mada! Au lomani kemuni!
ps, that is a picture of my companions everyday breakfast, the hardest part of the Fijian language – pronouns, and the fire above the temple this last week! Pretty exciting event!


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