Email 11 Sep 2012

Bula Vinaka! This will be my last email from the USA!
Just a heads up, I am not sure if it is true yet, but I have heard a few times that we get to call home at some point during our travel just for a couple min. But I haven’t heard if that is true or not.
Anyway, life here is good! Everday I feel more and more comforted and excited to get out there! For the most part with the language, I can express what I need to. I still am pretty terrible at understanding when spoken to, but it is coming very slowly! I’m not sure if I added is quite right or not, but I think Fiji is about 19 hours ahead of here.
Yes I did get the package! I’ll send a small one back probably before I head out with Sis Lund. And I did get one from grandma too! I have been very blessed with cookies and my district loved it too! haha!
Anyway, the audition went super well! The Sisters who run them are pretty good with music and generally give a lot of critics and tips, but after we finished, they were left speachless! And in tears! So that night we got an invite to sing for the MTC fireside this last Sunday night! With the MTC being currently at max capacity for the year, it was for over 2700 missionaries! It was super good! We got the biggest reactions by the audience out of anyone i’ve seen perform so far!
District leader has been a good experience! It’s helped me focus on others more. We had a pretty rough experience this last week where one of our elders told me privately that he had failed to take care of some issues previous to his mission. So I gave him a little pep talk to help him get the courage to speak to the branch pres. He was mostly afraid of being send home. But he made the right choice and spoke with him. Sadly, it did have to result in his being sent home. So he left last week and asked that I give him a departing blessing of comfort. He’s home now and emailed me saying that it was rough, but he knows it was right. It was hard to see that all happen. Especially since the rest of the district took it really hard and ended up really down for a couple days. We worked through it though!
Anyway, I’m out of time! But I love you all and you especially mother! Next email will be from Fiji!
Ps. We got to see part of that devotional I think! The one with Elder Holland? I didn’t see Michael though, but maybe if I get a chance I’ll pull it up again! Also, let Michael know that I ran into a Sister Sarah Mortensen (or Mortenson, not sure) from Cedar Hills who says she knew him! Au Lomani Kemuni! Thank you to everyone who reads this that has helped put me out here and even still is supporting with your prayers, finances, faith, etc! I will be forever grateful for what I have been able to learn so far alone! Moce mada!

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