Email 18 Sep 2012

Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuale kei na tinaqu!

I am in Fiji! I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll just try and summarize my travels and experience so far quickly!
The flights were are pretty good! Decent leg room! From the LAX to Nadi Fiji was pretty long (about 10 and a half hours), but luckily I was able to sleep pretty well and they fed us a dinner and breakfast! Biggest plane I have ever been on! double decker and about 65 rows of 10 seats across! I happened to be in the very back, but I had a window seat! Sadly, it was a night flight and there was no view from the window.
Anywho, I still dislike humidity and am fighting to get use to it. Stepping off of the plane into the Fiji air and feeling the humidity is the first thing that made me know I was there! It is intense. We were stuck in our suits until we got to the mission home too and it was hot!
So following the airport and having to throw away my peanuts because they don’t allow you to bring any food into the country, and then checking passports and all that fun stuff, we met a few missionaries from the Nadi area and they fed us a breakfast of cheesy bread stuff! Pretty good! Then we had a 4 hour bus ride to the other side of the Island (Viti Levu) to Suva and the mission home. Sadly, I sat on the wrong side of the bus and wasn’t really able to get any good shots of the ocean, but it was an intense ride full of intense scenery! It really is a beautiful place here (minus always feeling wet).
Once to the home we met Pres and Sis Klingler. I love them. Sis Klingler these couple of days has spoiled us! We had lunch at the home and started orientation. Then I went with the APs and got my first 3 sulus! I love them. So much better than the pants. Afterwards, we all separated and went to different surrounding flats. Me and Elder Vaovasa (one of my MTC roommates) are staying in a flat with Elder Trent and Elder Driso. It’s a pretty nice  flat! But not made for 4 people! That evening we joined them in a FHE dinner appointment and taught an older lady and her son who is an RM. It was really fun! Plus the food was pretty good! Mostly rice with cooked veggies and beef and sauce mixed in. Then we finished the night.
The next morning we went back to the mission home for a district meeting and continued orientation. We had pizza for lunch. Fijian pizza is really different. I think it’s the cheese. But it is actually really really good! We then went to an investigator lesson. Another older lady. It was her second lesson. But it was also really fun. We sat on the floor on hand woven mat! I could hardly understand anything that was said, but it was fun! She was a really nice and interested lady!
Then we had our welcoming dinner at the mission home! Fed like kings! Then we finished the night and got back to the flats. Waking up today we got ready, studied, and I just finished my first interview with Pres Klingler. Here I am now sitting at the office when one of the APs said I could email home!
The culture, the life style, the environment, the religions, the streets, everything is different and it is exciting!
I haven’t been in the temple yet because it is being cleaned, but the mission home and office are on the same lot as the temple! It is really small! But really gorgeous! We have had a lot of on and off tropical rain just these couple days! We are also moving into the hot months! That should be exciting 😛 And the only thing I can think of that I will need is garments! With the moisture and sweat, we shower at least twice a day and I am going through them fast! 2 pairs a day!
Anyway, that is all I have time for! I’ll be able to respond to everyone else’s emails on my first p-day so let them all know I didn’t forget them!
Au lomani keimami kece! Vinaka sara vakalevu na nomu ni dui masu! Moce Mada!

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