Email 4 Sep 2012

Basically, I am loving Jesus the Christ! It is hard for me to put it down! It’s incredible how much the simplest sayings of the Savior really can mean, especially when you know the full context of it in his life and ministery. It’s intense how much you can learn about him. I’m sad I didn’t pick of this book earlier! Haha, You all know that I’ve never really been much of a reader, but I feel like that is changing! Reading is my favorite thing to do here! It’s also the greatest way to put toubles at ease and relax and take stress away. The Book of Mormon really is an incredible book and I regret not having put more effort into reading previously!
I’m really impressed with Great Grandma! She really seems to be holding in there! I hope her recovery is as peaceful and easy as possible! She’s been in my prayers!  Grandma Snelson too!
Also excited to hear about Dale and Cheri! Vinaka vakalevu! I’m happy for them! About time 😉 Also, congrats to Alana for bearing her testimony! One of the best way to make it grow! And last, congrats to you for sticking to running! I’ve actually had to take a break myself because I was getting shin splints! So I’m letting my legs recover a bit!
Anyway, I’m deffinitly not one of the missionaries who is sick of it here and dying to get out! I’m actually pretty nervous! I don’t feel like I’ll feel ready! I still can hardly understand anything that is said to me in Fijian! I wouldn’t mind a little more time here! But I’ll be sure to step out in faith trust the Lord will carry me! He has so far! I was actually made district leader this last Sunday! I’ll be until we leave! It’s crazy, I feel like I can barely lead myself! But It’ll be good 🙂 God’s trying to help me get better at forgeting myself and focusing on others!
Anyway, It is tough! Had a couple of rough lessons this weekend, but fighting to pick it up and work harder! Au Lomani Kemuni! Moce mada!

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