Email 7 Oct 2012 to Dad

Here is another story to add to the blog then that I forgot to add to mom’s email, but I sent to Michael!
I actually had my first real experience working with a handicapped man this last week. His name is Billy. I didn’t realize it until I had met him, but I have never really interacted with anyone like that before! But it was a life changing experience. His brain still functions normal and mentally he is like any other guy, but he had some sort of stroke that took away his ability to control his body. So he is confined to a wheelchair and struggles to speak and move. He’s a recent convert and was baptized last year. His story was very moving. He’s had a hard life. He cannot do anything on his own. Sometimes the ward forgets to get someone to help him come to church, so he rarely can go. He spends most of his time in a small one room, run down home, and yet he loves life and has the strongest hope and faith I’ve ever seen. He knows that he just needs to endure, and after this life, he will be restored to a healed and healthy body! It was extremely humbling. I don’t see how I can complain about anything in life!
Right now, me and my companion are pushing to visit him occasionally and make sure he has a way to church every Sunday.
I’m excited to see conference this weekend!
Vinaka sara vakalevu na nomu vola nikua! Au lomani iko! Moce mada!


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