Email 7 Oct 2012

Yep! The baptism was great! And yes, Moni and her daughter Arishma
were going to get baptized on the 13th of this month, but turns out
Moni isn’t married to her husband. But we have met the husband since
for the first time and he is a pretty nice guy! Just needs some help.
They say they are trying to get things figured out, divorce, then
marriage. We’ll see how it goes. But they are allowing Arishma to go
ahead and get baptized, and then next year, Karishma, the middle
daughter, will be old enough to. So that is going to happen on the
27th if all goes smooth! Otherwise, we are fishing in and out of
investigators. We are trying to find more and struggling a bit, and
several we have are near impossible to meet with because they are
always gone or busy, which is odd for Fiji 😛 They are normally a lot
more laid back, but the few we keep finding and that show interest are
the busy ones!

Our area has a pretty good mix of a lot of people. A lot of Hindi,
Fijian, Tuvaluan, etc. They say Fiji is like the melting pot of the
pacific! Right now we are mostly teaching Hindi and Tuvaluan. There
are another two elders (our zone leaders) covering our same area, but
they cover the Fijian wards. So if we find Fijians who want the Fijian
wards, we refer them to the ZLs.

Sorry to hear about your trip! I hope you are recovering faster than
me! Haha, I took a good trip myself! We were walking down a road and
watching a rugby game on our right while we passed, and there was a
hole in the road which I found! fell to a knee and opened it up pretty
deep! I just have some bruising in my knee which has made walking very
fun 😛 because we don’t have bikes in this area. This was a couple
days ago and the wound still hasn’t sealed up all the way! Still
giving off a little bit of blood and puss. But it is getting better!
Then the next day a jammed my toe and split my toenail down the
center! I seem to be accident prone here… But all is good! However,
I haven’t received the package yet. But apparently they don’t get
delivered to the home, they just stay in the post office until home
picks it up! So I should get it in the next couple days here!

As for conference, we haven’t watched any of it yet! They are showing
it here this next weekend! Otherwise we would have been watching it at
3am or close to that! So this Saturday and Sunday we’ll see it!
However, the news of the mission age has spread like wildfire here! It
is crazy! Everyone is going crazy about it! Especially for the
sisters! It is going to change mission work a lot! It’s probably the
reason they introduced several months ago the new training program!
I’m going through it and it is pretty cool. Probably preparing for the
younger ages! And way to be Jesse! I’m excited for him!

My companion’s dad is from Tonga, so it is a Tongan name, and his mom
is American. But he is susu mandrai (raised on bread), or a city boy,
never been back to Tonga. As for the mosquito… they are bad! And if
the vitamin pills are working, I would hate to imagine not having
them! They still love me and I am getting plenty of bites! Even will
bug spray. But I’m kinda getting use to them. My companion doesn’t
even swell up anymore from bites. So hopefully I adjust too! I do have
a net, but I’m not using it yet. They stay out of the flat and we have
some mosquito repelling thing and fans on us all night. I don’t get
bites until I go out and about. There are a ton of them though! It
rains almost every day! So plenty of water for them to breed!

Basically, in this area, I can get just about anything I need, but
once I leave and go out into the bush, it will be very different! As
for now, just getting money would be the most effective thing because
most stuff here is pretty cheap! Some of the American stuff however is
a little more expensive. I could use a large pack of TUMs though.
Partly for the stomach (I have been adjusting and have had some close
calls), but also for canker sores. They work great for those, and I
keep getting them…

That’s all for now! Vinaka sara vakalevu na nomu vola! Au lomani iko! Moce mada!


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