Letter 4 Sept 2012

Bula Mother!

Yes, it’s true that missionaries tend to get sick of this place very quickly!  Personally, I’m still nervous to go out into the field!  I feel like I’d enjoy a few more weeks here to prepare!  I just pray that i’m ready!  I feel like I won’t get near feeling that way, but God knows best!  Just need to step forward with faith.  Tough language but it comes bit by bit!  It’s pretty hard right now to see myself ever mastering it, but it’ll come!

Anyway, I forgot to mention this in my e mail today, but yes, Sister Lund did get us some music!   My companion does have a pretty nice opera voice!  He says he has played both Jauvert and Van Jean in 2 companies back in New Zealand!  Music/theater are about the only thing we have in common.  But Sister Lund is pretty much awesome.  She brought in 5 sheet music scores and 3 copies of each.  Including the originals and gave them to me to keep!  So me and my comp found a pianist and have been practicing a duet of “The Lord’s Prayer”.  I love the song, especially when Boccelli sings it with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!  We are auditioning this week and hoping we will get to sing for a devotional!  We’ll see!

Anyway, I love you!  Thanks for writing!  Au lomani iko! Moce Mada!


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