Email 14 Oct 2012 to Dad

I’m trying to take lots of pictures, but it’s hard when we are keeping busy! It is crazy how fast time is flying! I’m in my 5th week of training! I always feel like we just had weekly planning and then we have it again!
Concerning Lucky puppy, I read something once that says that it may be because he is alone too much and needs more attention… Not sure though… There are tons of stray dogs here though! They are all over the place! And Fijians don’t, but there are plenty of Tongans here that love to eat dog. I’m going to avoid that…

And don’t worry! The injury this week (on the same knee) was from rugby. We play touch rugby saturday mornings. It’s pretty awesome. I’m terrible at it! But it is way fun!

Also, add this to mom’s email! I forgot to mention that this last week we celebrated Fiji day! Fiji’s independence day! And there have been tons of rugby games going on! I feel like I understand Michael’s mission a little more when he was there for the world cup! It’s been the Rugby 7s tournament and it is hard to teach people when it goes on! At night in our flat, we hear screams all across Suva every time there is a score. LOUD!

Au lomani iko! Moce!


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