email: on Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 8:27 PM,

Dad to Daniel

Hey remember when I told you about my itouch being stolen? Well it was a sad period of time for me, considering I listened to conference talks, every time I traveled in the van. I shared it in the groups I go to every week just to help me get it off my chest. Well mom said we can’t afford to even get one of the cheap used ones on KSL classifieds. I was just miserable! So I did kind of a selfish thing, I prayed that I could have anything that could take its place and I could listen to talks again, well time went by and after listening to a lot to “TALK” radio, though I have enjoyed all the political stuff on there, anyway… I went to my group meeting and on the way in the door, Tyler one of the guys on my phone support list, handed me an iphone 3 that has all of the itouch stuff on it. He said he didn’t need it anymore and gave it to me!! I hugged him! Tender mercies. Hope all is well, a couple of ward member  asked for your blog address, so I sent it to them. I love you! Dad. 😀

Daniel’s reply:

Wowsa! That is really cool! I actually don’t think that I remember you mentioning that… but my memory hasn’t ever been too good! Luckily, the mission is helping me to improve it! Trying to remember names, the area, timeline, etc! It has been challenging, but it is helping me a lot! I had a similar experience here where basically, in Fiji, if you lose anything, or anything gets stolen, you NEVER see it again. But I had left my umbrella in a taxi, and later that day, the same taxi driver saw me walking on the street and pulled up and gave it back! My comp says that NEVER happens! He was shocked! But it was pretty cool. Thanks for writing! Au lomani iko! Moce!


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