Email: Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 7:43 PM

Ni sa bula vinaka na noqu matavuvale kei kemudou na noqu itokani!
Sounds like a crazy awesome youth conference weekend! Loaded with fun things to do! The picture of James E. Talmage’s head stone is way cool! I love the quote on it too! Sadly, I’m not getting as much time to read Jesus the Christ while here in the field, but any chance I get I do! I just read the part about Jesus tracing in the sand and saving the woman from the Pharisees and then forgiving her. There is so much beauty to the gospel and the peace and comfort that is found in it. I learn more everyday about the Lords mercy. It is so true that there is no one on Earth that has fallen too far away that the Atonement cannot reach them. It really is just a matter of turning to the Lord, and doing things his way. I’ve only been our here a short while and I have seen it change many lives, including my own! Also, it sounds like the service was way fun! Being here in Fiji, I definitely feel like I couldn’t ever complain again! I’d just feel like a jerk! People here are so humble and friendly, and both of those qualities are amplified outside of Suva! So there is more for me to yet see!

Sadly, I forgot my camera cord today, so I can’t send any pictures. But there aren’t too many exciting new ones yet. Everyone here tells me that I don’t take enough pictures. It’s hard when you are working! I just don’t think about it! But I’m trying to make sure I get enough!

It has been another good week! Saturday, I had the chance to perform my first baptism! It was for one of the Sister’s investigators. It was tough though! She had some kind of handicap with her legs, so it took three attempts, and me standing on her feet to do it right! But it was good! And I did it in Fijian! If I remember, I’ll have to send that picture home next week!

This week, we also had the first transfers since my arrival! So one of the APs and one of my ZLs are going home! It’s crazy, I feel like I just got to know them, and they leave! But Elder Seila is from Fiji, so he’s going home to the town next door 😛 In addition, there was a big meeting for all of the leaders, so we had several exchanges. For two days, I lead the area and the lessons, and found my way around! It was way fun, but also a good confidence booster! The days went very well and I got to know more of the other missionaries here!

Today is also Elder Tausinga’s Birthday! Although it is the day after Andra’s, they are happening at the same time! Basically, we are getting overloaded with food today. I am willing to admit, that I have gained 7 pounds, and my belly is getting bigger! But Suva is basically the best fed area. Hopefully, later I’ll move to an area with less fattening food, and more walking! haha. This last week I have had a lot more cat calls happen too. I’m the white guy around all dark people! So I have had some interesting things yelled at me!

Sadly, I am running out of time on the computer here, So I have to end here!
Au lomani kemudou kece! Moce mada!


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