Email 28 Oct 2012


Isa! Abby already looks so different and older! It’s crazy! She is a doll!

As for na ketequ(my stomach), we had an adventure this last week! Basically, I hadn’t had a solid stool since I got to Fiji. But this last week, it hit it’s worse. I was having bad stomach pains, some close calls, the toilet was my friend! It was bad. So I called Elder Whiting, the mission nurse, and he told me what to do. Basically, I went 6 hours without any food or water. Then, I started rehydrating with only 2oz of watered down powerade every 20 min for 24 hours. Still no food. The next day, all I could eat was bananas, rice, apples, and toast. So I had several banana sandwiches. Finally, I can eat again! And my stomach is doing great so far!
This week has been great! Minus the stomach and fasting part… But it has been good. Sadly however, we hit some road bumps with some of our investigators. Arishma was going to be baptized this weekend with Josephine, but she has struggled with the word of wisdom and true repentance. So we have moved her back to November 27th. We are really pushing on that family. Moni, sadly, still hasn’t been able to get married. It is up to her husband, and he hasn’t really cared to even try. Moni says that he lies to us when we ask him about how it is going. It is sad because Moni really wants to get baptized, but is only being held back now by this issue.
As for Josephine, things are set and going well! She is ready and set to get baptized this weekend! That will be awesome!

Sadly, we haven’t been able to see Walo since we taught the way awesome lesson on the Book of Mormon with him a few weeks ago. He’s never home when we go.
As for the mosquitoes, they seem to love me more and more… And bites still stick around for awhile… They may have attacked more this week because I couldn’t take the B vitamin pills with my stomach, but my ankles look pretty bad at times!

I expect to get the Halloween pics! Also, I have a couple requests. First off, sadly, the Ipod died… I don’t know how, but I think the battery finally gave up the ghost. So I have no more music… But maybe Michael at some point in time or someone could burn a DVD with a bunch of good church and mission songs on it to send. I can put it on my flash drive then. Most missionaries here have speakers with a flash drive reader. Just a thought. Also, maybe one or two of grandpa’s ties would be cool to have. Last, koolaid. The member that owns our flat served in the US and loves koolaid. Then I started craving it a bit! I told him if I got any, I’d be sure to share!

Last thing today! Are we related to a Julia Hancock from Arizona? Apparently she served here in Fiji just before I got here. Just wondering if you know!
I love the pictures! (I don’t remember if I mentioned or not, but people here LOVE to see missionaries photos. They ask me all the time! So a small photo album or random pics from home would be cool to have)
Au lomani iko na noqu na! Au lomani kemudou kece! Sota tale! Moce!


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