Email 4 Nov 2012

Yahoo! I love Halloween! The pics are sweet! I’m assuming Michael didn’t make it back up for halloween or pictures, but hopefully he can get one too! Sadly, they do not really celebrate it here. Most people know about it though. Some celebrate a little, but not really. However, this upcoming week is Diwali! A hindi holiday on the 13th of Nov. It is HUGE here. Every night for the last week people have been setting off fireworks, they make tons of sweets and pass them around (kinda like halloween), and that’s about all I know about it.

I’m sorry to hear that about dad! Is that number 3 or 4? My system is doing much better! I have had my first solid stools in Fiji since I got here! It has been much better. My stomach is feeling much better. Plus, there has been less curry lately, which is probably helping. I love curry, but every night is not that good for you. Super oily, and in the heat of the season, they say it is not good for you.

This last week picked up a lot from the week before! 2 weeks ago we only got 10 lessons in, when this week we jumped to 19! Way good! Average for this area is about 15. And yes! We did get to see Walo again, for the first time in several weeks! We were beginning to think he got anti-ed by his son in law (a less active who apparently went back to the methoodist church). He said he just got really busy and hadn’t read the Book of Mormon at all yet since we last met, so we read with him and some of his family the introduction. We are hoping we got them interested to and we are going to bring them all copies of the Book of Mormon. We are feeling much better about him! We also picked up another awesome investigator. His name is Jordan and he is from Rotuma. His brother Myles is a recent convert who just got the Melchizedek priesthood! (could only spell that in Fijian). He is 22 and not married, but he has a daughter that lives with the mother. But he recognizes that life is not going good for him and he really wants to change. We already have a baptism date for him on Dec 1! Way excited for him. He is the man! The biggest thing I think for him to overcome is going to be the Word of Wisdom. But we are ready to help him in any way we can. Speaking of baptism dates, we had a baptism on Saturday! It was a 9 year old girl named Josephine. Her family is members, but they didn’t let her get baptized at 8 because they wanted her to have the missionary lessons… But all is done! She is taught and baptized! As for Moni and her daughters, we are stumped on them. Teaching has been getting more and more difficult. We aren’t sure why. They just get more and more distracted and casual with our visits. We are trying to be quick and to the point with them now, but they just don’t seem to be getting the real conversion yet. We had to push back Arishma’s baptism date again. We just wish they had a Book of Mormon in the Hindi language with the English characters. That’s what they know how to read, and the English Book of Mormon is just way beyond their English capabilities. That may be one of the main reasons, but we just haven’t figured out what we need to do with them yet.

It does kinda stink that the ipod died. Neither me or my companion have any music now. I’m not sure if it was just the charger that burned out or something though. I want to try using another missionaries charger if I get the chance, but oh well. Me and my comp have just been keeping our eye out for a decent but cheap USB speaker. Several missionaries have them and they work good! But we haven’t seen one yet. I was just thinking if I got a dvd loaded with mp3 songs, I could just copy them to the thumb drive. I just figured with a dvd you could fit more music. Especially James Conlee, the Mack Wilberg requiem album, the songs Storm, Better than I, etc. Also, any good christmas music would be sweet! Wouldn’t mind the opera Chirstmas album I made, or Celin Dion’s O holy night! šŸ˜› Basically, Michael would know any others. My Mission pres. isn’t to strict. Just by the handbook! Anything that can invite the spirit! Even classical music is okay here.

Your lesson sounds like it was way fun! Did you us Preach My Gospel at all? There is a chapter in it called Using Time Wisely! Mostly with missionary work, but it also has a lot of good general tips! We do a lot of studying from that portion! Especially since our investigators are spread out. We are trying to move into what Pres. Klingler calls “Celestial Planning”, or the highest level of mission planning. I drew a large map of our area and we are starting to better plan each day focused in specific areas. Once we get it going, it will help a lot. But it is true! Time is a non renewable resource! Learning that pretty quick here! We just had some training with Pres. Klingler on it! Lots of good stuff there.

Anyway, that’s all I got for this week! Still working hard and pushing myself! I’m struggling not to be too hard on myself. I feel pretty inadequate at times, but I’m working to be sure I’m doing everything I can do! I love the work. I’m learning a lot every day. I’d just like to say thanks again to first, you mother and father, and then to my family, and everyone else that has supported me thus far, and continues to support me. I’m doing my best to make the most of it all! I love you all! Moce mada!


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