Email 11 Nov 2012

The work is still moving forward! The highlight this week was easily working with Jordan! This guy is the man! We’ve only taught the first lesson and a couple commandments, and he has already changed a lot! He has changed from a sad and struggling countenance to a happy and ready for the day one! He almost didn’t make it to church yesterday, but after several calls, we finally woke him up and he made it to sunday school and sacrament meeting! Then we also got him to the YSA broadcasted fireside last night! The coolest part was when we were walking home, he was asking a little about mission life, leadership, organization, etc, and after a little bit, he just stopped and said, “Why does everything you guys say make sense?” He also said it about the fireside! It is really cool to see how even with a french accent, or from 19 year old teachers, the spirit can teach the gospel to the heart and make everything clear! He does it for me everyday too! We have a baptism date set for Jordan on the 1st of December. This week, we even have a set up for him to come to an FHE with some members, and to a YSA Diwali activity! This guy is the man.

Otherwise, this week was slow compared to last week. Not near as many lessons, but we have been trying to get some new investigators! Yesterday however, they made a cool announcement in sacrament meeting. The bishop brought up the mission age change for the sisters, and then announced that an anonymous donor has offered to pay one half of all mission fees for every sister missionary from Fiji! It was intense! There are going to be a lot of Sisters coming from Fiji!

So this last week has been pretty entertaining however. I didn’t think it was possible, but I have been really cold in Fiji the last few days! It’s been constant rain and overcast, and in the mornings, we have been shivering! I have actually had a pretty bad cold since Wednesday last week! Still going away. All of the sinus pills are gone as well as some of my companions Dayquil stuff. Didn’t feel like any of it did too much! But it’s finally going away and I can sorta breath through my nose again!

Also, Elder Tausinga hit his one year mark on the 9th, so we burned one of his shirts!

It has been a pretty good week! I learn better and better every day how to rely on the Lord! This mission has been an incredible learning experience and I can’t even imagine how much more I still have to learn considering I’m only just starting! I love you all, and especially you mom! Moce mada!


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