Email 18 Nov 2012

Bula vinaka!
Glad everything went well at the funeral! I love the pictures. Speaking of pictures, I didn’t send the card yet. I actually took it into the mission office and one of the senior missionaries plugged it into his computer. Sure enough it got messed up by a bunch of virus junk, but we were able to find the pictures and save them to my thumb drive. So now I just gotta find a way to save them back to the card, and then I’ll be able to send it without any problem! I also wanted to ask if you were able to get off the video clips from the other card too. The pictures were all cleared off, but the videos weren’t, so I figured I’d double check before I erased them! I just mailed a letter home today, so we will see how long it takes to get back! There is a response to Landon’s message you forwarded in there, so if you could find a way to get that to him, that would be great!

It was quite the intense week! Jordan is still doing well! He’s just a little flaky sometimes and forgets appointments, but he is still coming to church and keeping all commitments! So we have him scheduled to be baptized on the 30th, with Arishma, the other indian girl. Her mom is still not married though, and it doesn’t look like it will happen too soon either. It is really sad that she is being held back by something like that. She wants to, but she can’t do anything if the husband doesn’t. And he doesn’t really care. I wish we saw him more though and were able to teach him. He needs the gospel. Last time we saw him, he asked for a blessing so that he could die. He has bad health issues, and it is just a mess. So we just continue to do what we can and pray for the family. We also have one more baptism set up for another indian girl, 20 years old, named Trichelle. But she didn’t show up to church yesterday, and so we’ll have to see what happened there. It is intense how much the gospel can do for someone. She has so little hope or motivation for the future. Before she just figured that you have no control of anything and that life just pushes you around. Everyone is left alone to find their purpose in life. She has no interest in family because she has no hope that any family will stick together. She needs this gospel so much! And we are doing all we can to help her receive it!

Otherwise, this week was also way cool for two other reasons. The first one was Diwali. That was the most intense holiday I have ever seen! Sweets like crazy, all the indians were dressed up in sari’s and other fancy indian cloths, houses were decorated and covered in lights, and fireworks like nuts! I though America had a lot of fireworks on the 4th of July, but Fiji and Diwali just blew independence day out of the water! Flashes and bangs everywhere you turn, nonstop, until way late into the night! It was infreakintense! I loved it! Way cool holiday.
The second way cool thing was that a guy stopped us and wanted to take a picture for his facebook photography page called “faces of fiji”, Look it up if you didn’t already! The next day, one of the members saw it and showed us it! She added Dad on facebook, and me as well, so feel free to accept that for me! Sis Yeejoy! Way cool family. I think she sent a message telling about it to dad. Not sure though. But it is a way cool picture!

The last of the intense things that I can remember at the moment that happened this week was that we got transfers. Elder Tausinga is already being moved. We haven’t even finished the training program, and he is being pulled to Laotoka to be a Zone leader. So with a couple weeks of training still to go, I am going to be leading this area and getting another companion to finish the training with me! That will all happen on saturday. It Kinda stinks. Elder Tausinga is the man and I don’t feel ready to lead the area at all, but it’s gotta happen! I’m just praying all will go well!

That’s all I got for today! Au lomani iko sara! Moce mada!


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