Email 2 Dec 2012

Ni sa bula vinaka!

Bacon and Egg pizza is da bomb! It is quite different than American pizza though. The cheese comes from New Zealand mostly, and the milk is quite a bit different than back home. Plus, there is no such thing as the American tomato sauce out here. Tomato sauce here is just about the equivalent of ketchup back home. So it is a bit different, but basically, it’s crust with the ketchup type tomato sauce, with mozzarella cheese, and thick bacon chunks, baked with egg over it. So when it finishes baking, it has egg baked into the cheese. I’m not sure exactly how they do it, but it is incredible!

The Baptism was great! I’ll try to send a picture back from it! He is doing well! The only down side was that he forgot to bring a spare shirt, and so I let him borrow my spare and I wore the same half soaked shirt the rest of the day 😛 But now I just need to get that shirt back from him!

Yeah, my stomach is still off a bit. But since I got rid of the parasite, I’ve been having more solid stools than ever before! Now I just have occasional indigestion issues. Not as bad as before, but I think that I can just now get use to the food with the parasite gone.

As for Christmas, I am pumped! I love Christmas! And although it is still just getting hotter and hotter, there are Christmas decorations everywhere! We really want to get some for our flat, so I’m excited to get the snow flakes in the package! The Fiji temple even put out a small nativity set! We have members also planning of feeding us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Christmas! I really get fed too well here. I think it is because I get fed too much constantly that My stomach is having issues! haha. But yes, I am gonna miss the snow. The closest thing is the shredded paper decorating the tree in the mission office.

So the small envelope package I sent should get there before Christmas with a fun Fiji souvenir! Plus Josh’s card! it will be way late though 😛 It sounds like his birthday was good though! I’ve never been to the other place, but I went to cabella’s once! I don’t think it had a farris wheel!

It was two daughter in laws to one member lady. Things are going well! We were only able to meet with them once this week due to mission conference and the fireside and Christmas party, but they still made it to the 7am church! So things are going pretty well! Plus the conference was awesome. All of the missionaries in Fiji came to Suva for the weekend and we had 4 other Elders staying in our flat! We had a conference where we all met together and had trainings from the AP’s and Pres and Sis Klingler. Way cool. Plus that night we had the Christmas party where each zone put together a performance of some sort and all performed. Then they also had a mission slideshow where all the missionaries sent in photos from the last year. It way cool. Not to mentioned, we got fed by Sister Klingler and the other Senior Sister missionaries. Sooo much food. It is interesting to be in one of the few counties in the world where people die from eating, and never from starving. Then Sunday night, there was a mission Christmas fireside! All of the missionaries performed a bunch of Christmas music and a few people spoke from the stakes. 2 stakes were invited. It was way cool also. Got to meet all of the 80 missionaries in Fiji! Apparently we are suppose to get up to 100 missionaries by March! The mission is growing so much! The MTC broke over 3000 missionaries, when before I was there at the peak of 2700. And apparently there are more sisters applying for missions than there are currently serving in the world! I’m probably gonna end up training 18 year olds pretty quick. That about sums up the week!

I know we will be skyping! But I’m not so sure as to what time… We can do it just about anytime. It basically depends on what works best for me and for everyone back home. We can do it either on Christmas day here (Christmas eve for you), or the day after (and Christmas day for you).

That should be way fun to sing in Sacrament! I’m growing to love singing more and more! I love it! I wish I could here it! Sis Klingler almost had me and Elder Gataloai to sing our MTC song for the Christmas fireside, but we had no time to review it. So we will probably do it again on some other day. Anyway, Also discovered rootbeer here in Fiji! and American brand too! But it is a bit different. Way less sugar than normal root beer. But it awesome. Koya ga!

Au lomani kemuni! I look forward to the packages! Vinaka vakalevu! Moce



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