Email 10 Dec 2012

We have our ward Christmas party coming up this week on Friday! Turns out that we will probably be singing there too… Elder Mabunga sings a killer bass line! We’ll have to see what we can do though.
To tell the truth about tracting, I could count the the number of houses I’ve tracted on one hand! It’s pretty intense! I rarely have to. Mostly, we get referrals, street contacts, or though service! We found Jordan just by helping clean off a recent converts fence! Sounds like tracting for Travis is an adventure! If we did more tracting like that, it’d probably be pretty close to similar. Either beer or grog. Grog is the worst. It is one of the things being moved from strongly urged against the word of wisdom, to pretty soon, completely against. Before they have said that it is okay for only cultural and ceremonial types of activities, but very soon it seems that they will officially state it against the word of wisdom. Which will be very good! Lately, the member family we have been renting our flat from has been getting into parties with it and you can tell that the kids, and everyone else around is unhappy. Grog is not good for families at all. But yes, we are very blessed here with finding investigators.
(Tell sister Pyne Bula Vinaka for me! And congrats for her sons mission call! I sent him a letter this week! On it’s way)

I have to admit that I am pretty jealous of hearing those temperatures! The last week here has been blazing heat! Soooo much humidity and on and off rain to add even more! I haven’t stopped sweating, and within an hour of showering, it is time to shower again! Haha, it has been intense! I’m really missing the cold weather!

This last week has been intense! Way cool. We had our mission tour on Tuesday with Elder Hamula of the 70. It was way fun! Plus, Elder Gatoloai and I were asked to redeem our song from the MTC and Sis Klingler had us sing it for the tour! So I have officially sung for a General Authority now! Afterwards, he told Sis Klingler that we need to do that more often. He and his wife LOVED it! And when a General Authority says to do something, I just say yes no matter what I am thinking! Haha. It was a way cool experience. Then after the tour, I got randomly selected from the mission to have a personal interview with Elder Hamula. So we got to sit one on one and chat. Way cool experience! I never would have guessed that I would be so blessed with those opportunities!
In addition, he did a YSA conference on Sunday. It was the conclusion to a YSA camp and conference week! The best part was that we got to hear him speak because we were able to bring Jordan along! Jordan is one of the luckiest recent converts I’ve ever seen! The week after his baptism, he gets to go on the YSA camp with the YSA from all over Fiji, get to know a ton of members and have a blast, and then get to hear a general authority speak! Elder Hamula spoke a lot about Patriarchal blessings and trusting that the Lord has a plan for each of us. We met with Jordan right after and he is now working to get his patriarchal blessing! Things could not be going any better for him! And to think just over a month ago he was getting drunk with the guys and having terrible rough time. His life is turned around and you can just see how happy and alive he feels now!
Things are going pretty well with others too! We got to meet with Michelle and Rachel again (the newly weds to members). Already, their less active spouses are returning to church and they both are loving the LDS church services way more than they expected!
The biggest downside to the week is that we have been struggling to see some other investigators who are potentially avoiding us. Plus Grace, the first baptism I had in Fiji, still hasn’t been back to church since she was confirmed and is avoiding us more and more. I have no clue what happened there and we just can’t seem to figure it out. Neither can her family. It’s sad…

That’s about all the updates I can think of right now! Au lomani kemuni sara! Moce mada me yacova na muniti mai oqo!DSC00307 DSC00314 DSC00318 DSC00339 DSC00343 DSC00353


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