Email 6 Jan 2013

Ni sa Bula Vinaka!

New Years was pretty great! We went to the beginning of the ward party and got fed dinner! It was cool. We even helped blow up a lot of the balloons that morning because we were at the chapel for a meeting. There were a lot of balloons… But it was good! They started late and we had to leave early, but at least we got dinner! We were also allowed to stay up, so we sat up on the roof and watched fireworks all around us, at least until it started raining just a min after midnight! haha, plus, one of the members gave us a bottle of this martineli stuff. It looked fancy and good! Even had a cork! But it tasted kinda crappy 😛 Oh well!
Anywho, the work is starting to pick up again! I’m kinda excited the holiday season is over! Haha. We already have a day set for two brothers! We just didn’t see the other cousin that day, so we will try and set it later today. We are going to help them get baptised quickly because they have been coming to church for awhile and attending the LDS primary school. So they know most of the stuff already! The mothers we are going to take a little more time with. Sadly, the last time that we met with Walo, he pulled another one of his “I’m busy but I’ll call you when I’m available” routines. So he is dropped at the moment. We may try contacting him again in a month or so. Moni and her family seem to be working things out again. I guess they aren’t being kicked out of the house any more. I don’t know at this point. The husband just has some problems at times, I think it would be better to septate! But we have another baptism date set for Arishma! Again… But it isn’t until April now. Moni wants for her to wait to be baptised with the younger sister, Karishma, when she turns 8. But we were able to get them to church again! So they are moving back up again. Now we are just working hard to re-contact a lot of people again. Coincidently, 4 of our investigators/recent converts all lost their phones at the same time.
That’s sad that Jacob has to wait, but I bet he is pumped to go to Mexico! I really kinda miss Mexican food a bit. There are no Betos out here! As for my health, I am doing better! I’m over the cold thing, but just finishing clearing out my sinuses too! It is tricky to stay healthy when you are fed every night, and is is pretty similar meals every time! Lots of meat and rice, and tons of oil… So we try to eat what vegetables and fruits we can as we find them! They are just more expensive in Suva! As for now, I’ve just been waking up with some back pains, but it goes away throughout the day. We are working on fighting off a potential bed bug infestation. They are EVERYWHERE! Our zone leaders had them, then they found them in their car, and we assume we got them after riding with them one day. Luckily, my sheets are dark coloured, so I don’t worry about blood spots! But my companions sheets have blood spots all over them now!
Believe me, if I could send the heat to you, I would. Luckily, it has been raining the last couple of days so it has sorta cooled off a tiny bit. Not much though. The last few days we have just gotten soaked walking in the rain. I was dripping and leaving puddles in the church yesterday!
Just do what you can for the driving record! I guess other missionaries have been able to have their parents get it for them. But yes, I do need to practice and get a Fiji drivers license. They drive on the left side of the road here, plus the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. But they need more missionaries that can drive, so they are pushing to get me driving as soon as possible!
Haha, our time change for church was the best change ever! We went from 7am church, to 11am church! Attendance to priesthood before was about 8… half way through the hour… But the first 11am sunday, we had 32! And that was five min early! So getting people to church was WAY easier yesterday! That is cool that you are almost done with the Book of Mormon. I find the last few books to be really touching and tragic! It is hard to try and put yourself in Moroni’s shoes. But I’m just starting into the war chapters in Alma now!
Au lomani iko sara! Happy Anniversary this weekend! Do something awesome!!! 😉 Moce mada!
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