Email 12 Jan 2013

Click on the link to watch a members video of Daniel and his companion singing.


Bula Vinaka! Sa oti e dua tale na macawa!

Thanks for the driving record information! I’ll try to get that done! I may wait until I can pull it off in the Mission Office though.
Anywho! I am still not really sure if we ever got the bed bugs… I never noticed any in my bed. It was only my companion who was complaining of bites and bloods spots on his sheets. I think he was just imagining it… but all the missionaries have a spray called Pemetherine that we use in our flats. It is pretty sweet. Once it dries, it is completely harmless to people, but for up to 6 weeks, any bugs that walk across die (excluding ants. There is no getting rid of the ants). It even works on cockroaches! Most of the time, if any cockroaches get into our flat, they end up dying because of the spray. But we spray our beds, sheets, luggage, even cloths with it! So we soaked our beds and also let them sun bake, and as far as I know, my comp hasn’t had any problems since then!
But yes, Church was at 7am and it stunk! But already, attendance has had a HUGE boost! However, now people complain that 11am church is too late :S there is no satisfying them! 11am church here is about the equivalent of 1pm church back home. But it is great! We had several recent converts and less actives starting to come back! Lately we have had a struggle with all of our recent converts. It’s like they thought once they were baptised, they were done! But we are putting extra focus on them and helping them realize that there is a ton more to learn and do! This isn’t an idle church, but an active one!
I’m getting really far in Jesus the Christ again! Since the MTC, I haven’t been able to read it as much. But my companion was sick the last couple days, so I had a lot of extra time! And now I’m almost to the end! In just 3 days I read from the beginning of the last supper to the resurrection! And that small time period covered a ton of events! I love that book. It really is true that the more you learn about the Saviour and study the scriptures, the closer you feel to him and the greater your faith grows! I actually started D&C in the MTC as well, but I’ve been moving much slower with that one! Maybe one section every one or two weeks 😛 I never realized just how much there is to study and learn about! I love it!
Anywho, things are going pretty good here! We had a very busy and productive week this last week! Even though we got held back a bit by Elder Mabunga’s sickness. The boys, Ryan and Rahil are getting baptised this week on Wednesday! Pretty excited for that! And then, after that, we are going to be working extra hard to teach their parents, plus their aunt and cousin! We even got another investigator this last week. Another 9 year old member who didn’t get baptised at 8 :P. It is kind of an odd and funny thing that people do hear. Parents will want their kids to be taught the lessons by the missionaries, so they will wait to baptise them until they are 9 so that the missionaries will have to teach them 😛 But we are glad to help! Anyway, the coolest thing going on here right now is the incorporation of the new teaching methods for Sunday classes, and also the new Rescue program! Basically, it is a program to get members more proactive about missionary work and help them to make efforts to reaching out to less actives and recent converts. Already, the few who have really taken it seriously have made quite the difference! We are hoping to see overall a lot more activity within the wards!
I’m pretty sure that would make it alright through customs. From what I’ve seen, they only sometimes check into packages. One of the elders here gets beef jerky sent to him through pringle containers! No one ever notices! I even picked up my Christmas package myself and they didn’t even care to check the contents of the wrapped presents, or what was in the stocking! Elder Tausinga got a package with some towels in the middle that made the bottom look like it was a stack of towels and they didn’t check underneath! So they really only seem to glance inside. The biggest thing is if the declared value of the package contents (including the postage cost) is over $399 Fijian ($226 US), then they charge a large customs fee. So just don’t go over $226! 😛 haha.
I think that is all this week! On Friday I will have been out 6 months and already finished a quarter! Too fast! Au lomani iko! Moce mada me yacova na muniti mai oqo!
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