Email 20 Jan 2013

Bula Vinaka!

That is great to hear! Good for Garrett! The mission is great. I have definitely learned how nobody is ready. People told me all the time before I left that I was going to do so well! One of the problems with that is that I started to believe them! Then when things got tough it was really frustrating! No one will enter the field completely ready, but the best prepared ones are not the ones that think they will do well, but the ones who are ready to rely completely on the Lord to help them and make up for their weaknesses. I’d say that is the number one thing I am trying to learn still is to have complete trust in the Lord and turn my will completely to his so that I am not relying on myself anymore. It is hard to do, but so important.

One of our investigators, Lute (aunt of Ryan and Rahil), has been going to the Sunday school classes and she does very well in them! All the teachers say she always participates and has lots of great insights to share! Sis Write is a great teacher and Lute says that everything just makes sense. That is one of the greatest parts of this Gospel! It really does just makes sense! Once people have a soft heart and are willing to learn and listen, they always seem to find that same understanding!

Both of us seem to have our health back completely! We are jumping back into work a bunch! However, this week was slow for our area because we spent a lot of time doing interviews for the other Suva area. The Suva Sisters had a full family ready and we had to do their interviews over two days! But they were extremely ready. The crazy part is that they moved to Fiji just 4 weeks ago from Sri Lanka, were contacted instantly, and have converted from Buddhism to the Truth! It was really cool to get to know them all.

Things overall are going well! Ryan and Rahil’s baptism went well! But for some reason we didn’t see them at church… A little sad and worried about that, but we will try to see them very soon. Luckily, they are going to the LDS schools, so they’ll have that! We are still trying to sit with Rashika, their mother, and focus more on helping her out now. We also finally got to meet with Michelle again! It has been a couple weeks, but things are well. We were worried that she had lost her enthusiasm and interest, but just a few days before we met, she read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and it blew her mind! She had no idea of a pre-Earth life. She just always grew up with the perception that it just started with Adam! It was way cool, she was wanting for us to come by again really bad because she had a ton of questions, but no way to contact us! But we just stopped by randomly the other night to see if she was there. Her mother in law was, but Michelle wasn’t. We just sat down for a min and chatted with Sis Wilson, but Michelle came back and was blown away that we were there! Her and her husband just sat right down and we had a great lesson! But as we were finishing, we were getting late and needed to leave because of the time, but I didn’t want to leave without a baptism date! So we invited, she said yes but that she didn’t feel ready. We taught a little more about baptism just being the first step and extended the date! She agreed! It just seemed to go all perfectly! And now we are going to be able to meet with them more often!

I did get his letter! It was sent through Dear Elder. I also have another package waiting for me apparently as some freight company! No clue what it is! The notice I got says that it is from Robert Wells. I went to pick it up once, and they said I needed my TIN number to pick it up. So we came back again today and I had written down my TIN number, but this time they said that I needed the original letter that I received my TIN number in. These guys are kind of a hassle. I was a little annoyed that they didn’t tell me that in the first place. Oh well. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Anywho, those temperatures are way weird to hear! Especially since we are in the hottest part of the year here, and Australia apparently is in a major heat wave with several brush fires raging!  They are hitting over 50 degrees Celsius! Looks like there are just extreme temperatures everywhere!

Anywho, we were suppose to have transfers this last Saturday and move around this week. I’m pretty much 99% positive I will be moving. But the new intake of missionaries got delayed a couple days, so we probably won’t get transfers until Wednesday. So this is potentially my last email in this area. We will see what happens this week! I’m really going to miss the area and the members here, but I have to admit a bit, I am looking forward to going somewhere where I can learn Fijian finally! It is tough to learn in this area! I’m a bit nervous, but excited too.

Au lomani iko sara! Moce mada.

DSC00620 DSC00623


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