Email 3 Feb 2013

Bula Vinaka!
Sounds and looks like Disneyland was intense and way fun! Good thing you were able to make the flight! haha! But I still want that snow back home! I was told that it rains less here in Rakiraki, but nope! Still rains at least once a day so far! But the rain doesn’t cool, it just turns it into a steam bath… Way hot still!

Yay for Jesse! Him and Garrett both in the MTC! That will be great! He’ll love it. But from what I understand, the MTC is WAY different now than when I was there. They are putting so many more missionaries through in half the time! I thought lunch lines were bad when I was there!

Rakiraki is awesome but intense! Language is coming! haha, I feel like I’m just now really starting to learn it! But things are going well. I can pretty much teach clearly the basic doctrines and principles, but it is still hard for me to understand what is being said. So conversation is still difficult!
It definitely has been a huge change going from a large suva city ward to a tiny village branch. Most of the members here just don’t have a strong background or understanding yet of how the church runs, so church is a bit interesting. Apparently the branch is technically an English branch, but everyone that is attending at the moment is Fijian and so they just always speak Fijian! But It seems that there are some members that aren’t active because they don’t speak Fijian. So one leader understands that it is an English branch and teaches sunday school in English. But one lady got in an argument with him about language. I was ticked off by her a bit because we had an investigator there. Luckily it was a fast and testimony meeting in sacrament! So I secretly squeezed in how I knew that my Fijian wasn’t that great yet and it was still hard for me to understand, but how I knew that that wasn’t the important thing because the spirit can teach us best and doesn’t need to know a language to do it! I just hope this can get sorted out a bit more officially :/

But otherwise, things are going pretty well! I have met and started working with a lot of new investigators! We have been getting lucky with referrals, so luckily, not a lot of tracting yet! But appointments are far apart in various villages and parts of the area. So TONS of bike riding and sweating! My rear end is still in pain from the bike seats! Also, it is tricky riding a bike in a sulu… but I’m starting to the the hang of it! Rakiraki is a beautiful area though! Tons of sugar cane fields, mountains, etc. I have a lot of cool pictures to send! But I found that my camera cord is still in Suva. Luckily, the leaders are going for a meeting tomorrow, so they should be able to pick it up for me. So maybe next week, but for sure the week after I will be able to send some photos!

I’m still not too sure on the borders of the area, but it is big enough that I’m not too worried that I’ll get anywhere near the borders in the regular work. I’ll try and have a few more details on that next week.

Anywho, I am excited to keep working here! I think that the most difficult thing is going to be getting people to church. Some of the members already travel a long distance to go to church, and getting investigators to go will be a lot tougher.

Today we are actually headed on the bus to Lautoka in the west for a meeting. So sometimes we stay there. Mostly, each week we go to Tavua for a night to have our district meeting there.

Anyway, we have to catch that bus, so I don’t have a lot of time left! Au lomani iko sara vakalevu! Moce mada! (the photos are way cool! Cruella is the best!)


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