Email 10 Feb 2013

Bula Vinaka!

Well the area is technically way way way larger in area. But most of it is either mountains or sugar cane fields. We have one small town area, and then it is just a bunch of wide spread houses, villages, and then more sugar cane! So it is definitely not spoiled! It is easier to conserve money when there is nothing to spend it on πŸ˜› But yes, we make our own meals frequently with just a few members feeding us here and there. Breakfasts are pretty much the same, toast, eggs, coco, and now more fruit! I have been eating a ton more fruit because fruit isn’t crazy expensive like it is in Suva. Lunches and dinners kind of switch places every day. Some days lunch is more of a snack, other days dinner is the snack. But we eat a lot of rice, noodles, with sausage, fish, eggs, carrots, and other things mixed in.

Yeah, the language is coming! As well as my patience for learning it πŸ˜› haha. But the branch is good. It starts at 10 and goes to 1pm. When my trainer was in this area, they had to give the talks every Sunday, teach all the classes, run the whole church meeting! But now, we just take care of the sacrament. The branch is definitely getting stronger! I want to see this area grow enough to be able to get a full chapel! They commonly get stake leaders from Lautoka that come and speak and help out as well. There are a couple small units out in the further villages as well. So every now and again, we will run out to those villages and do the sacrament out there as well.

We have one investigator right now who is making good progress! We hadn’t even invited her to church yet and now she has been twice with her cousin. Sis Sema. She was really quiet at first, but now she seems more comfortable and open. Another investigator, Sis Ana, is a pretty old investigator. As far as I know, she has been taught all the lessons, but it doesn’t seem like she has been given too many commitments. So we are going to have to help push her a little more. There are a few others that fell through this last week, so I haven’t really met them too many times. Because of the distance between some, we can only visit them once a week.

As for the driving record, I just tried to get it, but it wasn’t working. I’m pretty sure I was inputting my information in right, but I may need to double check my SSN. I haven’t used it for awhile. So I’ll try again next week. But yes, they still want me to work on getting my license out here. And no, still don’t have my cord. It is still in Suva. Turns out I won’t be able to get it until the end of the month maybe when the ZL’s go back to Suva… Which is too bad! I have tons of way cool pictures of Rakiraki, but just can’t send them yet!

We had a little bit of a scare this last week. There was a Tsunami warning after the Solomon islands got hit hard. I’ve never seen so many people so scared before. Towns shut down, everyone was running for uphill, getting away from the coasts! It was scary! A cyclone is nothing compared to the tsunami. Hardly any scare for the Cyclone. Just some hard winds and rain for a few hours, a few tree ripped up and tipped over, but that is all. The tsunami is like one fast but powerful hit that just destroys. People were way scared. But after a couple hours, the warning was canceled and nothing hit.

I’m still jealous of the snow! And the skiing! I have missed snowboarding a couple times! Both of my last companions were big snowboarders and talked about it a bit. Meanwhile, my companion now has never seen snow πŸ˜›

About the bugs, yes, there are tons! Even in Suva, we had ants all over and very frequent cockroaches! Suva doesn’t have too much bug control. But yes, it is even worse in Rakiraki. There are spiders all over the place, frequent cockroaches, and we even had a couple of huge spiders found in the flat! I got a picture to send when I can! But after a few months, bugs just stop phasing you. The mosquitoes are way worse here too, but I’m still ignoring them more and more.

That is way cool for Davis Rutter! I’m excited to hear where he is called! Also, way cool for Mckenna! I did not know! I was wondering how many girls I know would be getting calls after the last conference! haven’t really heard of that many though! So that is way cool. Japan would be sweet!

I have one request! I am not sure when you are planning on sending another package, but there is one thing that would be very helpful. If you could send my headlamp, that would be sweet. I think it is a coleman light. If Michael took my small collection of hiking gear, he will have it or know where it is. Dirt biking on rocky roads in the pitch black is really a bit on the freaky side! I’ve been holding the phone flashlight in my teeth while riding, and it is not too bright at all. Our bikes are suppose to have headlights on them, but they don’t πŸ˜›

Anyway, out of time and gotta go! I’m sorry I still can’t send any photos! Au lomani iko sara vakalevu! Moce toka!


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