Email 17 Feb 2013

Ni sa Bula Vinaka!

Happy Valentines Day! And Happy Presidents Day today! They do celebrate Valentines here, but it is nothing as big as back in America. I’ve seen valentine’s day sales and lots of red and pink around, but I never really heard or saw any actual celebrating 😛 Actually, on Valentines day, that night was a crazy thunder and rain storm. We were riding and got to town just as it started and the lightning was right on us! It was way close and loud. We stayed just under some of the cover of the buildings for a moment because I didn’t feel safe riding on the next open stretch of road on a bicycle. But after awhile, it was getting late, so we just said a prayer for protection and then peddled as fast as we could back! Lightning was still going and was close, but we made it back safe. The whole time I was riding I didn’t stop praying! But prayers were answered and we were safe!


This week has been pretty good. We had lower attendance in the branch so that was a little disappointing, but our investigator, Sis Sema, still was able to make it! Sundays are fun because we bless the sacrament for the branch, then we leave to catch a bus to Nakorokula village to bless the sacrament for the unit out there. There they just meet in a members home. There are about 10 in the unit. We haven’t found any new investigators for awhile, but we had some luck meeting with some of the other investigators that we haven’t seen for awhile.

Funny thing, as we have been going out to the unit to bless the sacrament, it has reminded me a lot of the Charleston! I’ve thought a lot about those experiences blessing the sacrament there the last few days. I remember I loved going to the rooms. I still have with me the little card they gave us with the sacrament prayers. I’m extremely grateful for that chance to serve there.

As for the Tsunami, Elder Vagarau says that he has never seen one. So they are not common at all for Fiji, but everyone here has seen the movie about the Japan Tsunami and is way scared of them. They do get alerts commonly, but none have hit.

As for our P-days here, they have been kinda lame 😛 Normally we would just take the bus to Tavua to meet with those Elders, stay the night, and have our district meeting there, but the last few weeks have been messed up by other meetings, so we have been taking buses to and from Lautoka every week so far. Lautoka is where the Zone leaders for the West are. So we have been moving all around on P-days, which has been pretty lame. One P-day however, we did get to climb a small mountain nearby, just above the Rewasa Village. We are hoping to be able to go visit one of the nearby resorts for lunch in an upcoming week! There is a 5 star nearby. But otherwise, there really isn’t a lot to do on P-days.

Haha, the bicycling has been tough! Elder Vagarau moves FAST! And the land is full of mountains, hills, dirt roads, and the bikes we have have definitely seen several missionaries in the past. Elder Vagarau is nice, but we seem to be struggling in some areas. Lessons are improving a bit. He’s tricky to teach with because he just monologues a lot. Once he starts talking, he’ll go for 10 minutes! So investigators lose attention, get distracted and bored, but I try my best to cut in and change up the pace a bit. But things have been improving slowly.
As for the bugs, still tons. This flat is loaded, but i’m slowly cleaning them out. We have a mouse too. Mosquitoes however, I’m getting more use to. Bites don’t stay near as long. I use to have a bite for at least a week or two! But now they go away in just a day or two.

Anywho, I am borrowing a card reader right now so I’m gonna try to send a few pictures home! Au lomani iko vakalevu! Moce toka!DSC03956 DSC03958 DSC03965 DSC04001 DSC04007 DSC04017 DSC04019




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