Email 24 Feb 2013

Bula Vinaka! This week has been exciting and boring at the same time…
We had our Zone Conference this week which was a blast. I love the Zone meetings and conferences. I learned a lot and have been setting some new goals and working to improve my obedience! I had been letting my companions wear off a little too much on me and had been allowing some slack… So I’m trying extra hard now to be obedient and follow the schedule to the best of my ability despite my companions habits. Clearing up the slack! Anyway, Zone conference was great. I love Pres. Klingler and Sis Klingler. They are the best leaders I could have. Plus my trainer, Elder Tausinga, is now my Zone leader here in the west! He’s the man as well. The other zone leader, who I have been able to get to know more here in the west, is the man too. He served active duty in the US Marine corps for 4 years in Iraq/Afghanistan. He is way cool. He doesn’t like to talk about his service time, so I haven’t asked about it at all myself, but he is going home soon and he shared a few really good experiences.

After the zone conference, we got on buses to head back to Rakiraki, but due to rain, and getting late, buses shut down and we were only able to reach Ba. So we had to stay at the Elders flat there for the night and then head back to Rakiraki the next morning. Upon return, the rains didn’t let up at all. Even now, it is still raining quite a bit. But Rakiraki experienced quite a bit of flooding. So we were only able to teach a few lessons, and we ended up stranded at the flat for several hours.  We have been really wet and muddy from riding in the rain too. Luckily, my shirts seem to be holding up. I’ve been washing them a lot and same with my ties! But at this rate, my shirts will be fading quite a bit. It was kind of a bumber. Plus, when we could get out to try and teach people, no one wanted to meet with us during the storm, or they were just gone. So I spent a lot of time studying. I’m starting to study the Old Testament, and got to Noah when I decided to stop there and study Moses and Abraham. After that, I’ll jump back into the Old Testament. Anyway, I have a lot of cool pictures of the flooding, but I still don’t have my camera cord. Luckily, last week, I backed up my camera card on my thumb drive with the reader I was borrowing. So I can send those, but any pictures since then, I won’t be able to send until I get my cord, or buy a card reader…

Otherwise, Not much else happened this week! Church was even canceled because of the rain. We didn’t know until the time church was suppose to start, but only one older lady showed up anyway! I felt really bad. She walked there from the koro only to be turned to walk right back. But she was the only one true to the faith that day! I pray she is blessed for it!

I dropped my retainer on the floor, and it hit just right to bend the wires a little funny… But after a few hours of trying to fix it, I think I have it bent back okay. We’ll see how my teeth feel after a few nights!

That is cool that you got to hear from Elder Schofield’s mom! Yep, it is true. In the middle of prayers, even from members by habbit, they will talk too! They will say things like “jisu!” “emeni!” and sometimes, even break out into some type of short seperate prayer too! It is funny sometimes, but you get use to it 😛 I haven’t been in any funerals yet, but I’ve seen a few! They are different. But I haven’t seen much. For the most part, culture is the same, but among different dialects and islands there are small differences. I only know about Viti levu though, and a little of the Rakiraki dialect. It is tough to pick up sometimes. They don’t pronounce the “t”s here. We haven’t tried the resort out yet. But from what I hear, it is expensive! about $30-40 per meal… So we’ll see… But we are also really close to the source of the Fiji Water! So I’m hoping to get to go see that too…

Anyway, that is all! I hope all goes well with getting back into routine! For me, small goals one at a time have been helping!  Also, rest enough for your health to get back! Get well! Au lomani kemuni vakalevu! Moce toka!

 DSC04035 DSC04081 DSC04099 DSC04112 DSC04113 DSC04122 DSC04157 DSC04158 DSC04167

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