Email 10 Mar 2013

Sa i Yadra Vinaka! Na macawa sa oti sa i koya e dua na macawa ca sara ga! Ia, keirau sa set ka cakacaka vakaukauwa tiko!
This last week has been brutal, but we have been working hard!
So yes, I do have a new companion! I the fields, he is my son! Elder Owens from St. George! He is way cool. He is a hard worker and he is not afraid to participate as much as he can in every lesson. He has a way good foundation for the language and is already able to share a lot! I’ve been impressed with him! But I feel bad a bit. He seems a bit discouraged by his first week in the field.

We had a way tough week. I don’t know what it was, but everything just kept falling through. I’ve never had this many lessons fall through before. So it has been a TON of bike riding to and fro, village to village, trying to meet people and getting shut down. So as far as progression with investigators and others, very little was made! In addition, Sis Vakalala, an 83 year old member, and one of the sweetest and kindest old ladies I have ever known went into a coma and in the hospital. For all I know she has probably passed away. But she was in such a rough condition that I’m sure she’ll be grateful for the rest. So this week was tough. Just on saturday we biked over 20 kilometers, with 0 lessons. I’m really seeing why everyone tends to dislike this area. It is way tough! Transportation, member motivation, etc. The small unit here is the strongest part. Way stronger than the branch even! But I keep trying to help Elder Owens know that we are being successful by our effort and dedication!

However, for a more funny story, one that I should be a bit more embarrassed about, but for some reason have been more proud of, I officially joined the brown out club of true missionaries! And what makes it even better, it was the first day with the trainee! Luckily, it was in the evening, dark, and on an empty road in the middle of nowhere, so i just jumped to the side. The problem was that the sulu/garment combo was trickier than I thought to get out of the way quickly… What makes it even funnier is that my comp asked me about brown outs a few min earlier because he was a bit worried about them! I told him I’d had close calls, but it hadn’t happened yet! And then it did just min later…. So I have joined the ranks! 

Haha, the weather here has finally been cooling off a bit! It’s still way hot, but a bit more bearable. We have still had really consistent rain. It’s like 3-4 days of rain, then one or two of sun.

That is all I can really think of this week to share. Training has been fun and I feel like I’ve probably learned more than my trainee, but I’m doing the best I can to help him!

Au lomani iko vakalevu! Moce toka 🙂

DSC04102 DSC04105 DSC04152 DSC04184 DSC04210 DSC04218 DSC04238 DSC04246


One thought on “Email 10 Mar 2013

  1. Hi Daniel. I’m impressed by your great pictures and enthusiasm. When I have bad days and read your stories I feel better😀 take care. Aunt Janet Sent from Janet’s iPhone

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