Email 17 March 2013

Sa i Yadra Vinaka!

Thank you very much for your prayers! Them, and dad’s birthday request made a huge difference this last week! Dad asked that I contact 5 people. So we did! And out of those contacts we got 2 referrals and 3 new investigators! This week in all, we got 6 new investigators! Plus, we had a crazy good lesson with one investigator who we weren’t sure where her testimony stood, Sis Sema. But in the lesson we found that she has a really strong testimony of the Prophet and Joseph Smith, and most of all, the Book of Mormon! She loves it because she says the bible makes sooo much more sense with it. It was a way cool week! Plus! We had our stake conference in Lautoka, which I was worried about. I didn’t think we’d have too many members there because it was so far, but we had several members, several less actives as well! And most surprising, Sis Sema came too! So we even had an investigator! It was way cool! Great week.

It’s way cool that Michael knows Elder Owens sister! Way small world! Elder Owens is the man. He is way bold and has a ton of good skills already built in!

I hope the package comes soon too! But I won’t really know until the zone leaders go back out to Suva again. I think they will at the end of the month. I did get a letter from Bishop Taylor though! One from Christmas! But it was way cool. Bishop is the best. They did just release a new policy for emailing though! World wide, missionaries are now allowed to email family and friends! So other missionaries as well! I heard from Nick. He sent a letter here and I sent one there months ago, but neither made it. Both of us are in poor mail areas…. But we can email now! Anyone is allowed to email me and I can just email them all right back! But as for packages, it isn’t too urgent, but I think my last companion transferred with one of my shirts, and I am now down to only 6. They are all in good condition still though! But maybe in the next package, a couple shirts would be nice! No worries though.

Saddly, I didn’t wear anything green. I even have 2 green ties! But we were in Lautoka for the Stake conference and I didn’t plan ahead :/ Oh well! Yeah, no one knows what St. Patricks day is here.

Something a little funny, but a few people have asked us about America! Apparently there is a rumor going around that Obama signed something and now they are planting chips in peoples arms with all their information in them, as well as bank accounts, etc. Kinda weird. Wondered if you heard anything like that or if it is just people freaking out about the prophet guys prophesying about America. Weird thing.

That’s all I can think of right now! Let people know I can respond now if they want to email! Au Lomani iko vakalevu tinaqu! Moce toka!


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