Email 31 Mar 2013

Sai Yadra Vinaka!

Haha, in the pictures dad sent, I was gonna say it seemed like the stairs were really empty! But luckily Lucky seems like he’s fluffy enough again to fill in some of the gaps! Looks like it was fun though! I’m excited to see that bluray in about a year and several months! haha. A bit of way good news, I got my package on Wednesday this last week! It made it just in time! And the peeps made Easter extra great! haha! 🙂 And the headlamp has already proved to be quite helpful! Also, the egg hunt was awesome! Good way to get into the spirit of Easter! I’m excited for the birthday one too! haha, maybe throw in a thing of chocolate or strawberry syrup? 😉  (I’ve grown to miss chocolate and strawberry milk quite a bit!)

Progress is still accelerating quite a bit! We had the chance to teach several powerful lessons of the Restoration this last week! I love teaching the first vision. It is a powerful message. We still haven’t been able to contact Sis Sema, but we found out that she moved to another part of the village, so we are hopeful we will find her next week! As for Sister Ana, we are really excited! We have been planning and working on developing member activity in missionary work, and we got to have a really effective member present lesson with Sister Ana! Sis Ratu came (Branch pres. wife) and it helped a ton! Good fellow shipping with the relief society. We have sister Ana committed to baptism on the 20th this month too! Sis Ratu is going to help her get to church these next few Sunday! If she makes it, then the 20th is set in stone pretty much! She is really excited!

As for the whole chip thing, I have no clue. I haven’t found that verse yet! But the funeral really was a great thing. It has helped a lot. Apparently missionaries here developed a not so great reputation in the past, but we seem to be breaking through that and everyone here seems to respect and love us a lot compared to the past! I feel like we have been making some good impressions.

Actually, speaking of activities, we are starting to plan and work on a few here! The tough thing is transportation, so getting the whole branch together is near impossible, but tonight, we have a combined FHE for the unit! So we have an activity planned there, and if it goes well, we will hold similar FHE’s in other areas within the branch. We are doing what we can to reach as many members, and even non members as we can! I’m excited to see how it goes! We are going to watch a couple short Church movies!

As for Easter, Not any of the egg, bunny, hunts type of traditions out here, but most churches seem to hold Easter programs of some sort, and school was canceled for today (monday)! Not too much exciting stuff though. But we had a really good Sunday school lesson on the Easter story. I also started reading Jesus the Christ again! I love that book!

That’s all I really got this week! Au lomani kemuni sara vakalevu! Moce mada! 🙂

 DSC04362 DSC04399

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