Email 7 Apr 2013

Yadra Vinaka!

As for the Birthday, I would like to request a few more of the CTR rings! I gave out the last couple this last week to a family, and it was incredible the reaction! The kids loved it! Also, the mother and the aunt were just blown away and loved it! It was really nice because they have been a lot of help in the past. Also, the candy from back home never gets old and disappears pretty fast 😛 just saying!

As for conference, I doubt I’ll be able to see it at all. I’ll probably just have to wait for it to come in a Liahona issue to read. Anything really cool that stood out? Any updates on mission work since the last conference? I heard there is a new temple announced in Cedar City? That true?!

This week has been intense! A lot of successes and a few let downs. The FHE was great! We had a couple of non members there that really loved it! We watched the video about John Tanner and the called “Only a Stonecutter” about Bro Moyle. Very cool short movies! We also found that a lot of the kids in the villages call us, the missionaries, ivakabula which is the word for Savior. We try to correct them and tell them that we are not Jesus, but we teach about him! But I don’t mind the fact that that is what they think of when they see us! It is pretty cute.

We ran into a big curve ball with Sister Ana though. We finally had her coming to church and about to keep more commitments to get ready for baptism, when her husband forbid her from attending and being baptized. It sounds like he is just afraid of having multiple faiths in the home and family, and he wants to keep the unity to best help the kids. I thought that was really good of him and understandable. So we invited her to invited him to sit with us too and take lessons! She really wants to get baptized and knows that there are blessing found here that are no where else! We’ll have to see. She won’t get baptized now, but maybe the wait just means getting the whole family.

Sister Sema is someone who makes us really happy and then disappoints us over and over again! We finally found her and met with her a couple times. We committed her to a baptism date on the 20th as well! She was really excited and has a strong testimony! She would be a great blessing to the branch here too! But then she fell through on church and our appointment after and so we are not sure if we need to postpone yet or not. I just don’t know if she is quite ready to make baptism covenants when she has been so flakey lately. We’ll see…

On the other hand, we had a great lesson with couple in a far off village! They weren’t really progressing before, and now they have good testimonies and know the Book of Mormon is true and the wife came to church for the first time! We committed them to baptism and they agreed! We just need to find a way to visit them now more than once a week…

We worked way hard this week though! We pulled off the most lessons this area has had for quite some time! We even met one new investigator that asked us for a blessing. After, his entire visiting family (Indian’s who spoke no English), started asking for and begging for blessings too! We gave i think it was 8 blessings that day to that one family! They had very little understanding, but incredible faith despite! It was a cool experience. That about sums up the week! We did have another death in the branch. This time a young mother with several young children. It was pretty sad. Several branch members are helping care for the kids. She just slipped away in the night and the husband was out of town. Funeral will be this week on Wednesday. So it was a week of a crazy roller coaster!

That is all I can think of for this week! I love that quote! Au lomani iko sara vakalevu tinaqu! Moce mada! 🙂

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