14 April 2013

Sa iYadra Vinaka!

Yeah, no conference for me yet… But, I did get to order it off lds.org for just about a dollar. So hopefully within a month or two I’ll be able to watch the DVDs and then give them to the branch to watch! If it comes soon enough, we’ll keep trying to do FHE’s using them!
Yeah, I heard about the Elder Hancock a couple weeks ago! The AP’s mentioned it! We have a lot of Smith’s and Olsen’s out here right now, but I wasn’t expecting another Hancock! That will be cool! I didn’t know about the Pyne though! I’d like to try shooting Elder Jesse Pyne an email! I bet he is way pumped to be out there! Taiwan has got to be intense! Hopefully he’ll be able to email soon!
This week has been interesting. Good! But interesting. We had a new record for the number of lessons out here! We found a couple new investigators we are starting to teach this next week. Found the first when trying to contact an old investigator, then she referred us to a friend with some family challenges. We visited them and they were interested to hear us. Plus, all she knew/heard about the church was that we do baptisms for the dead. So we taught a little about the temple and she was really interested! We are excited to go back and see what we can teach to help the family. I think the husband just recently left them. Gospel is needed!
However, sadly we had to drop sister Sema this last week. She went from a baptism and being excited for it to us having to drop her temporarily. She just kept running off when we tried to meet with her. One day we called and said we were headed over right then and she said “okay!”  But when we arrived, she had just left. This has happened a ton now and so we left a note with her cousin (because she wouldn’t answer our calls) to tell her to call us or come to church and let us know when she wants us to visit her! Otherwise, we were just losing a lot of time tracking her down. It was tough. She was doing so well. Not sure what was going on. We will just wait until we here from her. As for the family we gave a lot of blessings to, they are great. I don’t know how to describe them to you though… I got to do an exchange with Elder Tausinga this last week, (way fun working with my trainer again!) and when we went to see the family, I warned him “get ready! Your day is about to be full of David…” about 3 seconds after saying that he realized why! David is a nice man! Great guy, but… wow. Haha, he is a very funny man, very poor English and very poor understanding of Christianity, but his faith is huge! He will just talk your ear off! Give you double hugs, take 10 minutes to say goodbye, etc! So great family, fun sharing with them, but it is tough!
As for the mother, Sis Mere, I still don’t know. Just slipped away in the night. But we did attend the funeral. And now, the brother of one of our recent converts just passed away, so he has been struggling a bit. We don’t know much more details on that though. So just a ton of back and forth good and challenges this week!
I did however succeed in getting my Fiji driver license this last week! Went and tested and had this way strict examiner. He did nothing but criticize, get annoyed, and control! He even ended up telling me exactly what gears I need to be in at exact speeds, etc. I was certain when we got back to the office that he was going to fail me hard. He is the one that failed Elder Tausinga his first time testing! But then out of nowhere he hands me a certificate and says drive safe! So I have my licence now! I withdrew a bit from my checking to pay the fee for it, just so you know.
That is crazy about Amelia! She’s way old now! It does seem like she just got baptized! I hope I get to work with the youth in the future. That was the bomb. I loved mutual and YM! It would be way fun serve there.
That’s all I have this week! Au lomani iko sara vakalevu! 🙂 Moce mada!
(ps. Would it be possible for you to email the song “storm” by lifehouse, and “I will rise” by Alex boye? kerekere! Also, I wouldn’t mind getting the One Clear Voice cd again with Sis perry. It was on the ipod before it died. Maybe in a package? Vinaka!) 😀
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