Email 28 April 2013

Work is still going well! We are working to find who will actually progress and who won’t! So we have narrowed down a little this week. But still a lot of people to visit! But school break just started for two weeks too, and a lot of people left town that we won’t see for those two weeks.
We still have Bro Nacanieli and Sis Seini progressing well. However, something is keeping him from going to church and he wants to wait to be baptized. He says his wife can though. She has been starting to come to church with her kids and all has been going well. So I’m not sure what we will do there. We may go ahead and keep her moving forward, and maybe seeing her baptism will help him to take the next step too.
We had another family, the Salabogi family, that we have been teaching. They are interested, but as we started the plan of salvation, a new man showed up and joined in named Waisea. He then came to church to watch the last half of conference and loved it! He says he is coming again next week! So we will see what happens there!
We also met the husband of Sis Kasa. She is still a new investigator, but we had the impression that the husband didn’t like us. But he sat down with us the other night and he loved the first lesson! He also loved the picture book we used and was really interested and really nice! They just live in an all catholic little village that doesn’t want any other church in it…. Work is very interesting here!
However, I did get an email from another Elder back in Suva 3rd! He sent the baptism photo of a girl I started teaching and got to make a lot of progress with! She got baptized and her husband is reactivated! Rachel if you remember me mentioning her a few months back.
A truck would be a life saver here. It would help a TON! But we did get new bicycles this week! Pretty nice ones too!
We are trying to do another FHE activity this week, but it has been tough. I’ll let you know if it happens!
Sorry I have to run right now. Sorry if this email seems rushed! We gotta run to help a member get a prescription!
Moce mada! Au lomani kemuni sara vakalevu!

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