Email 5 May 2013

Isa! Na papa vou! That is a baby! I was wondering when these pictures would come!

Yikes! That is nuts! 48 hours! I thought I was getting worn out here! haha. But glad to hear that Riley Judd is here and healthy! 🙂 Way cute too!

Sister Klingler a couple times has given us some home made cookies! Whenever she makes trips around with Pres. Klingler, she brings some cookies. About 3 times on the mission so far! So it is a real treat when it happens!

Things here are great! It has been a great week! Not quite as many lessons, but better lessons and we’ve been getting the branch more excited about missionary work! Our branch president was told that if the branch can get 15 priesthood holders active and paying tithing, they will build a church building here! He announced it in church on Sunday and we instantly had people asking us when they could come with us to have member present lessons! We’ve even had a few members start sharing and contacting other people! The catholic wife of a member wants to take the mission lessons now! So things are going great! haha, we are way excited and happy to be here at this time in Rakiraki! A church building here was my vision from the very beginning and it is starting to come about!

Sis Kasa is doing great! We’ve been meeting with her and here husband, and they are trying to make the steps towards marriage! She just needs to divorce her previous husband officially first. But the stake president has the license to to marriages and knows how to help them!

We have a new intake of missionaries coming this week though! I was worried I would transfer from this area. I didn’t want to leave. But instead, I got caught off guard as something unexpected happened! Instead of transferring, I am now the new district leader in the Tavua district! I’m staying here, but the job of district leader was moved to me because the old one is transferring to Suva!

As for the school here, it is completely different from back home. Yes, school is all year round, in 3 terms, and a 2 week break between each term. Instead of grades 1-12, it is class 1-7 and them form 1-5. No elementary or high school, but primary and college. It is different.

Random fun story! We were leaving a home, last appointment of the day, and it was dark outside, so I pulled my headlamp on and turned the switch to red. The little boy there, about a year and 6 months old, saw his arms turn red and was in awe! He loved it! He was looking all over his arms and hands, his parents were laughing! Then I turned it to blue and he JUMPED! Gasped, and then started looking and his new blue arms! After a minute of going back in forth and laughing, we finally left. It was funny! He was so amused by the colored light! He loved it!

Well that’s just about all the news this week! We also went and ate at the Volivoli resort this last week! Nicest meal in a while! Only $18 for an American Cheeseburger! But it was worth it 😛
Au Lomani kemuni sara vakalevu! Kei na papa vou tale ga! Papa is baby in fijian! Moce mada 

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