Email 12 May 2013

Okay, this will be short too! Right after sending this I’ll be going over to the other internet shop to skype! But this one was cheaper for email ๐Ÿ˜›

We just had our transfers and the new intake come in! So that is why I was moved to district leader for! That’s cool though! I’ll be excited to meet him! We have about 4 Elder Olsens, and 4 Elder Smith’s! Lots of duplicate names. I’m way excited to stay here in Rakiraki.

We had a pretty fun week! quick fun story, we had a really nervous Sunday. We actually had several investigators show up to church, but I almost regretted it! There were more investigators that showed up than members (5), and the members, including the branch pres. showed up late. I pretty much died inside. Then for the two first classes, the branch pres. just talked for 2 hours straight. I was certain that they all hated church. But we had 4 random white members from Australia and America show up for sacrament and the branch pres. had them all share testimonies! In the end, as we talked about church with those investigators, they said they loved it! They even shared with us Matt 18:20 and just that they had made that connection made me thrilled! Church is true all over the world.

Also, I had a dead crab thrown at me! That was pretty fun! A 1 year old stepped on one by accident, killed it, then threw it! Way funny and cute kid.

Au lomani kemudou! Moce mada! ๐Ÿ™‚

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