Email 19 May 2013

Sa iYadra Vinaka!

Skypeing was good! Even if my picture quality wasn’t that great ūüėõ However, Elder Owens used google+ I guess, and his picture was really good! So I don’t know how to set that up or anything if I even can, but that may be better to use next time. I don’t know!

Way to go Ariel! She looks way good! Even for right after a race! That looks way intense!

This last week was great! A bit slower in terms of work in Rakiraki though. We didn’t even spend a lot of time here!¬†On Tuesday¬†morning we took a bus to Tavua for district meeting. It went great! Gave a training on Love and Charity as a Christ-like attribute! The Fiji Suva mission motto is “faith is the power, obedience is the price, love is the motive, the Spirit is the key, Christ is the reason”. The more I study it and have said it on my mission, the more I learn how inspired it is and how true it is. Love really is the motive of everything! And if it isn’t, you aren’t going to have a very good time!

Then after district meeting, we caught another bus to Ba to stay there for the night. Just did a split there. And then¬†Wednesday¬†morning we were picked up by the zone leaders with the Ba Elders to drive to Nadi for zone conference! Zone conference was the bomb. I always love the conferences. Plus, I got my birthday package brought up by the AP’s! We then drove back with the zone leaders Lautoka and stayed at their flat that night. The next day we did splits with them so they could train me on being a district leader. We then even did service for a man. We were clearing out the yard of a vacant home which hasn’t been touched for a long time. We couldn’t even open the driveway gate because it was overgrown in grass and vines! That was some intense yard work. It was literally a forest with grass above the head.

They then tried to get us on a bus back to Rakiraki that evening, but it was too late, and we were only able to make it to Ba in a mini bus. So we stayed there one more night and finally made it back to Rakiraki¬†Friday at noon. Ba, by the way, is where Elder Neider is. He’s the other Elder from the Cedar Hills stake. He’s a pretty funny guy.

That was pretty much the week! We met with Teresia again though! Her and two of her kids are getting ready to be interviewed for baptism this Saturday and be baptized on June 1st! She is a great investigator and has developed so much faith!

We even had the most people attend church that I have ever seen here in Rakiraki! We had 37 people take the sacrament! It was intense! We had 5 investigators, and 7 less active members show up! I was shocked! Plus our 2nd counselor finally came back after being sick for a couple months! We met Teresia afterwards and she said that church today confirmed even more both her and her kids desire to be baptized!

We also had one of the coolest and best dinners I have ever had here in Fiji! It was with the only member that does dinner appointments with us, Sis Whippy. It was intense! Giant fish, crab, and octopus! Big sea food dinner. Loved it. I’ll see if I can send a pic.
So that is the week! As for my package, the chocolate and strawberry syrup ripped its way out of the wrapping during shipping, and I was excited for the CD, but everything else is still wrapped up and I’m trying to decide if I want to wait until my birthday to open them ūüėõ The chocolate syrup though is the bomb. Probably the most refreshing awesome thing I have had in a long time! I love chocolate milk! I’m afraid it will disappear too fast! But thank you very much!¬†

I love you all very much! Thanks to everyone who has been a support through my mission this far! I love it and am grateful for it! I love you mom! Moce mada me yacova na macawa mai oqo!

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