Email 26 May 2013

Sa iYadra Vinaka!! 🙂

This week has been intense, but all is well! We had a ton of lessons this week and we have 3 to be baptized this Saturday! Sister Teresia and her 2 sons, Simione and Samuela. Her youngest daughter is sad that she can’t be baptized too 😦 but she’s only 5! Other than that, there are still several others being taught right now! We have 2 that are almost guaranteed to be baptized! Both are already really close to the branch because both are wives to members! Sis Irinia is the wife of the branch clerk. She has never wanted to be baptized or join because of her family being strict catholic and she was afraid of being disowned. But the Sis Ratu, the branch presidents wife had the same situation when she joined, and so we have been helping her to guide Sis Irinia to be willing to take lessons. After passing a few scriptures on, she finally wants to take lessons and be baptized! The second is the wife of a less active man, Alumita. They are both only 23 and married for just over a year. She loves the Book of Mormon though! We have been working with Senitiki, the husband, for some time and trying to reactivate him (mostly because he lives right next door to the church 😛 ). The last few weeks, his cousin, a return missionary who served in Utah, was staying with them and got them coming back to church! But she left last week and we were worried they would stop coming without her, but they made it to church again! And as a bonus, Senitiki now wants to be the one to baptize his wife! So we are working with him extra to get the priesthood! Work is the bomb right now! Pumped for a baptism this weekend!

I do read my patriarchal blessing quite a bit! But I could probably read it more! It is interesting how even in the short time of my mission so far, I have seen several things directly tied to my blessing. I remember even in the MTC, in an interview with the branch president there, he was giving me some counsel and it was inspired. He quoted word for work a couple pieces of my blessing! Needless to say, I read it few more times after that. Especially, I’ve noticed how the very first piece of counsel my blessing gives has been the most applicable thing for my in my mission and what I’ve needed the most. The Lord new that it was the first thing I would need! Personal scripture is the bomb.

As for the birthday package, I’ve still been waiting! Just one week from today!!! haha! And actually, I noticed it with the Christmas package too, they don’t check anything too thoroughly in customs! They just see the wrapped items, read the description, and that is it! They didn’t check inside any of the wrapped items. The saddest thing about the Hershey syrup is how fast it goes away… The first bottle is nearing its end! 😦 so feel free to send that item whenever you want! Also, any candy item that isn’t sealed, may be good to seal too 😛 there was a little ant issue with the mike and ikes, so that one ended up opened too 😛 But I still managed to save them!

And yes! I know Elder Smith too! He was actually in this area just before me! Right now he is off on Tuvalu! Far off island country! So that is pretty cool. Elder Neider though is from our stake. I remember meeting his mom in walmart a few times at the bakery/deli and she would tell me about him a bit! Now he is just two areas over!

While we were waiting for the interviews to finish, Teresia’s kids were looking through my photo album and wanted to keep the picture of when we went shooting. So I let him keep it! But maybe you could send that photo again, as well as a snowboarding one if there are any! People would love to see snow out here! Also, I remembered a couple other songs that would be cool to get, if it isn’t a hassle! Any of the songs from the 3 tenors would be great! Placido Domingo, Lucciano Pavorati, Jose Caneras (not sure if those are spelled right…). But there are a few good ones on the computer that would be mission appropriate and some Christmas ones too! No worry or rush though!

That’s the week here! I’m glad things are catching up there! Au lomani kemuni sara vakalevu! Moce mada 🙂


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