Email 2 Jun 2013

Vinaka vakalevu! I hope I can hear the singing over the sound of airplane! I don’t even know where to start for this week! A lot has happened, way intense, way bittersweet.

So to start, we had a crazy week of rain and wind. It was nuts! I have a video clip that I’ll try and copy from Elder Owens of walking through the rain to a village. Then you’ll see it in a few months when I can send the card home! (He has a water proof camera!) Despite all the rain, we saw a lot of people, taught a lot of lessons, even when completely soaked.

As the week went on, we prepared Teresia, Samuela, and Simione for baptism! They were way excited and their spirits and testimonies just grew and radiated more and more! Finally, the day of the baptism came, and the rain stayed strong. The rivers were all flooded, and we got the dreaded call from the branch president saying that they will have to cancel the baptism until next week. We were bumbed. We road the bikes in the heavy downpour to Teresia’s house to break the news. They were sad. Not discouraged, but a little disappointed. One more week wasn’t to long for them to wait! Teresia was especially excited to have each of us baptize both of her boys.

Then that night came and with it a phone call. I am to be transferred and am headed to Labasa on the other big island as a district leader there. I was heart broken. Leaving was the last thing that I wanted to do. The transfer will happen Tuesday, and I was going to miss Teresia’s baptism. In addition, we have two others close to baptism, both Sis Irinia and Alumita are set to be baptized on the 22nd, and Alumita’s husband to receive the Aaronic priesthood on the 16th so he could baptize his wife. But what can you do!

Sunday was testimony meeting and I made the announcement. There were a lot of tears shed, and not just by me! I’ve grown really close to this area. Teresia especially was distraught. She asked then if we could do the baptism that day! Weather was better! Pres. Ratu agreed and just after sacrament we started the baptism service and went to the river (still a little flooded, but not too bad) and did the baptism! They will be confirmed this coming Sunday!

After that, a few last min visits and goodbyes, and then Sunday night I had to pack everything up! Early this morning we caught a bus to Tavua and that is where I am now emailing from! Today, as a last min district P-day, we finally took the buss to the a near by landmark! Fiji Water! We got a tour of the factory (about 6.78 minutes long). It was pretty cool though! I got to see the source! It really does come from Fiji! I doubt I’ll be able to email those pictures any time soon though… We’ll see! And tomorrow, I catch another bus to Suva, I’ll head to the airport, and catch a plane to Vanua Levu! I am only allowed to bring one case under 20kg, and one carry on under 7kg. I have to leave a lot behind and can only take my cloths pretty much… That will be tough. It is nuts! I feel like I just got here to Rakiraki. That time just flew by! It seems like such a blur. I’m really going to miss it and several others seem like they are going to miss me.

So Happy Birthday to me! Transferring, Fiji Water, but still managed to sneak in that baptism! Due to all the commotion, I confess I had to open my presents a day early… And technically, I wont be 20 until about 12:45ish tonight back home. But thank you very much! I love that tie! It is a way nice tie! And I am way excited to give those other little things out! I just worry a little that I won’t be able to take a bit of it up to Labasa. We’ll see what happens. I have to be really strict on what I take.

So that is the summary of my week! Craziness! Lots of craziness.DSC04618 DSC04621 DSC04651 DSC04700 DSC04706

That’s all I have this week! I love you all! I love you mother! Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! Moce mada! Even further north, off to Labasa!

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