Email 23 June 2013

I forgot to mention something else pretty cool! The entire Fiji mission, directed by the area presidency, so with the rest of the pacific, is beginning a challenge! We, Starting today, June 24th, will be reading the Book of Mormon in 10 weeks! Finishing on September 1st. I don’t have the schedule with me for me to send, but the entire mission will be reading in sync, and discussing it in our meetings. It is about 8-9 pages a day, 6 days a week with one day to “rest or repent”. So today we started with 1 Nep 1-4 and tomorrow will be 1 Nep 5-10.

I just thought I’d mention in and challenge anyone back home, if they are interested, to read the Book of Mormon with the Fiji Suva mission in 10 weeks! It will be the bomb! We are focusing and marking our reading (in new paper back copies) on the gospel of Jesus Christ, but you can have whatever purpose you would like!

Just saying! Thank you very much! 🙂 Dare to grow!


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