Email 30 June 2013

Bula Sia! or Namaste! (Hindi)

This week has been pretty intense! We had a bit more work! In general, this area is goodMy companion is a great guy ! It is fun working with him. We were referred to this girl in the Hospital who was very ill. Her name is Vikashni. She looked really sick and pretty close to death. They asked for a blessing so we did! She quickly was able to leave the hospital and recover back home. As she was recovering we started trying to teach her, but she spoke very little English and was extremely shy. But we met them several times and brought Indian members to translate. Things seemed to be going well. Then we met her older brother! He had taken lessons years before and was going to be baptized. But on the day of his baptism he ran away. Turns out his family threatened to disown him. But now, his parents are dependent on him and he wants to be baptized! They have no choice to support now! Plus the parents started to like us. We met with him once and he has a date set for the 21st this month! He is the man! But then the father called Vikashni and her and the mother said that they didn’t want us to come back over. She got scared because the father said that she needed to do what we told her. And now they claim that she feels devils attack her when we prayed. Pretty weird. It was sad. They only wanted a blessing and an instant perfect healing. But through all of this we were able to find the brother! And I believe he’ll be able to set the example for the rest of the family to sometime accept the gospel.

So things are starting to move a little quicker! As we find new people and have more work in front of us, it keeps us moving! In other good news, I heard today that Teresia from Rakiraki was just called as the primary teacher! Way excited! This week I have been writing a bunch of letters to send to some of the people from from Suva and Rakiraki to encourage them to keep progressing!

I’m pumped that you are shooting to keep up in the Book of Mormon! We finished 1 Nephi and and read 2 Nephi 1-3 today! I forgot to write down the schedule we have to send to you, but 8-9 pages a day about, you should be able to stay pretty accurate! I have been marking all the verses colorcoded about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been way fun! Also, if you get the chance, that broadcast is well worth it!

Au lomani kemudou sara vakalevu! I’m not sure about anything else for a package. Anything American in terms of snacks, treats, etc would pretty much be the bomb! (sealed in a plastic bag… Ants are really quick and sneaky here…). Oh! One thing! But this might be trickier… A Hindi-English dictionary or learning phrase book type of thing. I don’t know if any for Fijian-Hindi exist, but that would been even better! Just a little something I can use to learn from. Elder Moulton got a pretty cool one I’ve been reading a little. I think I am going to shoot to try to learn both!
DSC04763 DSC04785 DSC04792 DSC04796 DSC04800 DSC04816 DSC04855 DSCN0003

Vinaka! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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