Email 7 July 2013

So in some fun news, I have had this rash thing on my leg for several months, but it never really was a bother until recently, so I sent a picture in to the pacific medical adviser. He says I may have scabies. Basically little bug mites that are living in my skin. So I’ll be picking up an ointment today ortomorrow, which is basically an insecticide type of thing that will kill them, then I’ll be really itchy for a few weeks as my skin slowly pushes out the dead bugs… Pretty dang exciting!

In terms of work the last week, there is good and bad. The good is that we had a lot of work! A lot of good happened! And Ashneel was able to come to church and attend a baptism! His response, he knows it is all true and he wants to be baptized more than anything! His older brother, Salen is now interested. But it is tricky because he knows no English and can’t read… But we will keep working with the Hindi speaking members! I really think the rest of the family will soften up. I want to try to get them all to attend Ashneel’s baptism which we are shooting for on the 21st. Pretty much the bomb. The Kumar family who has been teaching him with us is letting him stay at there homeSaturday nights so he can go on Sunday. They are the bomb.

The bad was that transfers came and my companion is leaving to Suva. Wasn’t too excited about that. He is tricky to work with, but we get along great. So I will now be training again! A new intake is coming in this very morning! So that should be pretty fun again I hope!

Lastly, we are being blessed big time and getting another truck up here! So we and the Seaqaqa elders will both have trucks full time! Pretty much a life saver. With no truck, we can’t really get anywhere. So that will be a huge blessing! I just worry that I don’t know my way around! There are a few homes I haven’t been to yet either! So that will be tough. Just gotta find my way around!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

DSC09910 DSC09913 DSC09917

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