Email 14 Jul 2013

Bula re!

Yay for the Miller family too! Russia will be intense! Especially the language! That really is almost exactly a year off of me! This Thursday will be my 1 year mark! 18th of July!

I’m not sure yet with the Terrys. They said it was possible, but they’d need to look. So he scanned and copied my pedigree chart and look it up when he gets a chance. They go home soon in September.

This week has been good here! A bit out of the ordinary, but still good. Monday, we went and played volleyball with the Terrys for Elder Moulton’s last P-day here. He left early Tuesday morning, and an Elder Smith came in the same time. He was coming up to be the new zone leader up here, but was my companion until Thursday. That is when we had our Zone Training Meeting, and the new missionaries came in! Then I got my new son/trainee, Elder Moka! He is cool. He is from Auckland, New Zealand. We seem to be off to a great start! We are working on getting this area into a little more order.

As for the Scabies, I don’t really know. I apply this stuff once, then over a few weeks it goes away. But right now it still seems pretty much the same. We’ll have to see how it looks maybe 2 more weeks from now.

We got the truck on Thursday, so we haven’t had it too long yet, but it definitely helps a lot! No worries about what days we can schedule to meet people anymore! Plus, we can meet with Ashneel more often! He is doing great! We are moving slowly through the lessons because he is hearing everything for the first time. So we are really trying to help him understand it all. He even started coming to an institute class at the branch. We are going to shoot for his baptism on August 10th.

We are meeting still with Sowani and Seru, but they have been struggling the last little while. We told them to be baptized, they have to leave the Methodist church. Since that day they hadn’t been as excited to see us. ButSaturday we went in and again, they seemed to be less than thrilled to see us show up again. As we chatted a little, it seemed as though they had had a rough day, so we just shared a small uplifting spiritual thought to try and cheer them up a bit. Afterwards we got into a discussion about temples and the plan of salvation. They really got interested in what information we had on the after life that the Methodists didn’t! So they are excited now for us to come back and share more about temples and the plan of salvation!

That is pretty much all I have to say this week. Just wondering… I remember before I left we moved the home computer to the studio. I think that one had most of the music on it. So that might be where those Three Tenor, Alex Boye, and Jacki Evanco songs might be. Just if it isn’t a hassle, if you could email some of those! If the computers are still the same, that is probably where they are! Vinak!
DSC09939 DSC09942 DSC09964 DSC09970 DSC09976

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