Email 21 Jul 2013

Bula sia!

I am past half way! Yay for candy jar! We actually didn’t do too much different at all. I almost forgot is was my year mark until the end of the day! I don’t have any shirts I could afford to burn, but because this flat has been trashed by all the Elders before, we have been stuck pretty much renovating it! And during the cleaning and de-junking, we have discovered quite a bit! Including a few shirts to burn! So yes, I did burn a shirt 😛

Elder Moka is doing great and things are starting to get moving a bit better. However this last week we had several fall throughs. So we didn’t get to many lessons, but we did a ton of other work! We moved the sister missionaries to a new flat this week and drove Elder Hogge around. He is the senior missionary who is in charge of mission property and stuff like that. So they were getting some new things in their flat and us too. We also spent a lot of extra time doing other service, such as building steps for a less active member! Elder Terry and us finally got around to building the steps on Friday. Probably the most sturdy steps in Fiji now! Haha.

As for Sowani and Seru, we are dropping them a bit at the moment. We had an interesting lesson with them. We went to share about the plan of salvation, but we could tell that they were not in a good mood. They were silent and barely seemed to pay any attention. They just looked like they were upset. So we just shared very quickly closed to get out of their way. At the end he said he wanted to apologize because when we got there he was angry. I guess they had a rough day, he was angry, and then we showed up and just added a bit to the stress. But he seemed to calm down at the end. We told them how this message could make them happy, but they can never know until they try and read and study, which they haven’t done yet. So we invited them to give us a call or come to church if they want to learn more, but I’m not so sure if we will make too much effort to go back at this point. We just want to continue to offer service when he wants while he is still building his home. So that is where it left off! They were happy at the end of the lesson it seemed and they walked us back to our car and bid farewell. I’m not so sure what will happen with them now.

On the brighter side, we have continued working with Ashneel, and now his older brother, Salen, is committed to be baptized as well! Both are doing great! Salen doesn’t speak English however, so we have to have a translator there. But things are going great! They have institute class every Saturday. The fellowshipper for Ashneel is also the teacher of it! I’m pretty sure he understands very little, but he loves going and catching what he can. The symbolism of Babylon and such just go a bit far beyond the mission lessons we have taught so far 😛

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

DSC04009_resize DSC04010_resize DSC09981 DSC09985 DSCN9924 IMG_0170[1] IMG_0174[1] IMG_0175[1] Michelle OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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