Email 29 July 2013

Bula Sia!

MARAUTAKA NA NOMUNI SIGA NI SUCU NA TINAQU!!! (Happy Birthday Mother!) Hopefully you got your card or will soon! I can’t believe this is already the 2nd birthday that I have been in the field for! I feel like your last birthday just happened!

And Happy Birthday as well to Grandma Hancock!

I don’t see his machete? Where is his machete?! haha. Good times! Yay! I’m excited they are planing another one! I love those family reunions! Some of the best memories there. This pictures are great! I do recognize several! But in all honesty, not everyone! I’m hoping it is just because they have grown up so much like April and Alana! I do still recognize them though đŸ˜› I will definitely put a bit more effort into getting to know everyone when I get back!

On the note of emailing a day late, we had a last minute change to a zone p-day and so it was moved toTuesday this week!

August 10th is a great day for Angela Bird to get married! We will also be baptizing Ashneel on that day! (so long as the interview goes well this weekend!). He is doing great! He has changed his work and everything so that he can always come down to institute on Saturday mornings and then church on Sundays! He loves it and has such a strong testimony. He is way smart. His brothers, Salen and Shavindra, are both doing well as well and investigating and starting to gain testimonies of their own, but we will be waiting for them to be baptized. They seem to have no way to change their work or schedules yet to make it to church. This is the cane cutting season and so they are very busy. As the cane season slows down, then they should be able to find their way to church.

We also found a great new investigator refereed to us by the Elders on Rabi, and outer island with a completely different language. So this is a Rabian whose brother is getting baptized back on the island. We didn’t know anything about where she lived except the general area. So we just drove there and started asking around. With some divine intervention, we found here in just minutes, and never having been to that area before. We taught, and she said she is looking for the church that focuses on families first and family relations! You can guess what message we have for her! She is really interested, but afraid because she has a strong drinking and smoking addiction. But I have faith she is ready. Eta is her name.

That is the biggest update this week! Other than that we went to Nadi for 3 days for a training for the trainers! So we lost some time in our area, but it was great! Got to have McDonald’s! I never thought I would be excited about that!

Anywho, that is all I have this week. I did have a question I was going to ask, and I wrote it in my planner to remember, but I left it in the flat… And I can’t remember. If I do, I’ll send it! The acts of kindness are happening! Working hard!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada đŸ™‚

~Elder Hancock

DSC00003 Trainer Training - West - July 2013

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