Email 4 Aug 2013

Bula Sia!

So it is pretty crazy, And I never thought I’d get there, but my calendar is almost over! I just started the last month in it! So maybe mention that to Ariel 😛 Also, interesting tidbit, a Mexican song just came on in the internet shop here! I’m pretty sure this is the first time I have heard Spanish spoken since the MTC! I never expected that! Also, it’s about $7 for a burger at Mcdonalds. About $10-12 for a combo!

So yes! This was a great week! We did get some great visits in, and some not so great, but what can you do!? Ashneel is still progressing great! He has passed his interview and is set to be baptized Saturday! Yahoo! Plus, I don’t know if you remember a bunch on the story of this sister, Vikashni, but after being super shy, and afraid to speak to us, and probably embarrassed about her reaction a few weeks back, she is joining back in on lessons! We were just giving her space and time and praying that the progress of her brother would help, and it has! There definitely has been a growing spirit in that home and it is touching every one of them! Vikashni realized that we weren’t upset and just friendly, so she’s back! Also, the mother told us that she has still been reading the Book of Mormon the whole time! And now she wants to go to church again! Then the mother told us that if her daughter goes, she will go with her! The whole story of this family is pretty much a miracle. Plus, we just met a neighbor of theirs who joined in one day and is interested! The church is true.

We haven’t met with Eta again yet. We have an appointment with them again on Thursday though. But we have been making a few efforts to contact and meet more of the Naduna members and work through them! We now have a new investigator named Paula, who is the brother of a member, and he wants to join the church! After an intro lesson with him, he bore testimony of what we said, and of Thomas S. Monson as a prophet! Pretty cool!

DSC00018 DSC00022 DSC00029

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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