Email 11 August 2013

This last week has been great! We got a lot done! Ashneel’s baptism being one of them! Things went great! And we also managed to get the whole family there! They all seemed to enjoy it. I ended up conducting it, and performing the ordinance! But it was great. Immediately following the baptism we went back up to their home and help them cut sugar cane! They lost all of their workers, and so it is just their family cutting right now. It is really funny, whenever we tell people here that we cut sugar cane, they laugh! No one seems to think that the white guys in the shirts and ties are capable of hard physical labor. So they have been blown away! But it was fun, and Ashneel even told me that I moved just about as quick as anyone that does if for a living! The younger brother, he though we were joking when we said we were going to help. When we showed up, he was speechless! I’ll be sure to send out some pictures!

He was then confirmed on Sunday! We already have the branch presidency discussing a calling for him as well. We took him to a lesson as well, and he is already doing great missionary work! He is excited about it and wants to serve a mission! So things are going great!

We also got to meet Eta this last week again, and her husband and daughter, Jadendra and Jessica. We had a really intense lesson with them. It was only our second time meeting them, but we ended up with them committed to a baptism date! Their final response by the end was “why would we want to wait to accept this offer from God!?” They have some work to do before they are baptized, but they are determined for sooner than later! Also, we found that the branch mission leader is her cousin!

Paula is doing great as well. Yes he is a man, and we met him again and he is progressing well! It is pretty much a case where he just needs to learn the stuff to be baptized. We are also starting to work with that branch up there and get them more excited for missionary work. Things are really starting to get moving here!

There are a couple of other lessons we had that were really intense. We started meeting with Kelera again, and one of her cousins as well. When we met them this week, they just seemed to not care at all, and that it was more annoying that we were there. Any previous interest was lost. So we spent the lesson just trying to cover a broad spectrum of topics, trying to find something that would peak their interest again. We were both praying hard trying to follow the spirit and find something. Finally, at the end, they had a question about alcohol! So we gave them the word of wisdom pamphlet and a return appointment with them! We were shocked that at the end, when we asked if they would like us to come back, one instantly, without even thinking, said “can you come again tomorrow?” I was blown away. They didn’t show any care at all. Then the second lesson went very well. We taught the word of wisdom, and committed them, and two other friends of theirs to try it! The cousin of Kelera, Francis, asked for a blessing at the end as well. So as for a spiritual experience, this was a good one. We were trying so hard to find what to say, praying, enduring, and didn’t feel like that was any success. We though we blew it! But right at then end, turns out the Holy Ghost was still working, even though we didn’t realize it!

That is about all I got!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

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