Email 18 Aug 2013

Bula re!
Last December for our mission tour, we had all the missionaries come into Suva (minus Rotuma and Tuvalu). But that was when there were only 80 missionaries in the mission. That was really crazy and expensive, and now that there are over 130 (plus 23 more coming) They won’t do that again. So pretty much it is just within our zones and districts.

Speaking of which, this week was intense! Partly because we had our Zone Conference in Savusavu. So we drove down to the bottom of the island (beautiful scenic drive) and met with the Zone! We had Christmas in August arranged by the senior couples! They made an American style Christmas dinner for the zone. It was the bomb.

The next day was even more intense! We had the chance to participate in a isevusevu. We drove with the Seaqaqa elders, the zone leaders, 2 of the senior couples, Pres. and Sister Klingler, and the district and branch presidents down to Wainunu. Long drive around the far west end of the island, where we then opened up the Wainunu district and Nakawakawa village for the church! So that is what a isevusevu is. The ceremony where President Klingler buys and takes a Tabua (whale tooth, very valuable gift item in Fijian culture) and it is offered to the chief of the district or village. Then the chief can accept it and the church and missionaries are then formally welcomed into the village! It was way cool!

On the drive back (we rode with the Seaqaqa elders), we got a flat tire! Right as it got dark too. Everyone else drove on and left us. So we attempted to change the tire, but the jack wasn’t tall enough! So we were trying to find out what to do when another car drove by and happened to have a perfectly cut piece of wood to use to extend the jack! So after about and hour, we got the tire changed! Then, as we went to start the car, the battery was flat! Yahoo! But luckily, we were able to just push start it. By the time we left, we were all red and coated in red dirt head to toe. Pretty great. We got back late that night.

We haven’t had the chance to meet with Kelera or her cousin Francis yet, due to our travels, but we will see them tomorrow!

As for training, Elder Moka is great! He is a brilliant teacher! I feel like he has been doing it his whole life! So really, he is training me! It has been great, a bit humbling at times, but very good.

We did witness a great miracle with the blessings of the priesthood! Our recent convert, Ashneel, randomly went blind while we were away in Savusavu. So he was blind for a couple days and when we visited him when we got back, we gave him a blessing. The next morning his sight was back in one eye and significantly better in the other! We were happy because we were worried that the family would credit his blindness to his baptism. But things went well and God blessed him greatly. Then the younger brother finally came to church! On their way!
That was the week right there! We are working hard!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

DSC00064 (1) DSC00067 (1) DSC00095 (1) DSC00116 (1) North Zone Conf 15 Aug 2013 Large (1)

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