Email 25 Aug 2013

Bula Sia!

Me and Elder Schofield are in the same zone! It was actually him that gave us the referral from Rabi, which lead us to Eta, Jadendra, and Jessica Naryan! They are some of our best investigators at the moment! It is always a blast to go visit and teach them. They are just so excited about the gospel and to be baptized. Elder Schofield is a great Elder doing great work! Minus breaking his camera. That’s not so great.

That is pretty much right for chiefs. They are pretty much just the head of the village. There is also another village “turaga” guy that helps out. If there are major choices for the village, they sorta always get final say. It was a fun experience.

This week was a great week. Lots of lessons and work done. Things are going pretty well. This last week we met with a family who one of the daughters randomly showed up at church a couple weeks back. The mother and the grandmother speak no english and talk to us in Hindi as if we know it 😛 But the kids are all super interested, and the mother and grandmother love it when we visit. But the father and his brother (who owns the land they live on) don’t seem to be as excited. They seem pretty determined to “preserve their religion and culture”. Understandable. I just hope that they will want to listen and learn and continue to allow the rest of the family to do so.

One of the greatest things of this last week is that we were able to help a family in the Labasa branch (struggling recent converts) get a job up cutting cane for Ashneel’s family! So they are staying up at their home. It is great. We visit them all, strengthen the recent converts including Ashneel, and fellowship the rest of his family! We had a giant family home evening with them all, around 20-25 people! It was fun.

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂
One more quick story!
So I finally had a great language blunder for me to share! So the other day I was attempting to say “moni rawata na veibokoci ni nomuni ivalavala ca” or “for you to obtain a remission of your sins”

Instead, over a twisted tongue I said “moni rawata na veibutakoci ni nomuni ivalavala ca”

which translates as “for you to obtain an adultery of your sins”

Yep. That’s all.

~Elder Hancock


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