Email 1 Sep 2013

Bula Sia!

So we are short on time today for emailing (Terrys last P-day), so I’ll just tell the story of our intense Sunday(last one in Naduna with the Terrys). It is the most intense and memorable Sunday I think I’ll ever have. To start things off, it was really windy, and there are no walls. Then, after 4 months, the branch finally has a branch president! There hasn’t been one my whole time here, but the district president came and set apart the branch presidency! It is about time! So it was really cool for that. Then the Terrys bore their testimonies for fast Sundayand Sister Terry was really bold and blunt about the grog issue. There is a really large use of yaqona (grog) in our branch, and it is no good. So she was blunt and direct about it. Many were uncomfortable (because the truth cuts the wicked to the very center!). Then, during part of sacrament, the chickens and roosters around started getting into a cock fight! They were chasing each other around. Eventually, one just ended up on a cock-a-doodle-doo rant for 5 minutes. Just none stop. It is way funny. The natives don’t even notice or think twice about it! But us and the senior couple can’t help but break out laughing! Then, still more! Another families dog followed them to church, and her and the branch land owners dog got into a fight right underneath my companions chair! They went nuts! Teeth, growls, yelp, etc! Elder Moka tried beating them out with his notebook, but they didn’t even notice. So finally he grabbed one dogs back leg and whipped her back 10 feet in the air! She plopped to the ground and we jumped between them, and restrained them. Then, at the end of sacrament, they went nuts again! People jumped up out of the way and they plowed through some of the chairs. Again, we had to kick them apart and restrain them. Happy was not very happy. She ended up with a nice deep scratch across her nose. It was intense! The animals were just nuts!

So that was the Sunday. As for a Hindi book, any Hindi will do. I didn’t think there would be any actual Fijian-Hindi books. It is pretty much a broken form of pure Hindi. But just a simple Hindi-Enlish dictionary/phrase book would be fine!

Au lomani kemudou kece!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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